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Upgrading Part 3

Upgrading Part 3

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This advanced developer video is part 3 of a three part series on how to upgrade Odoo as well as troubleshoot issues that occur when an Odoo migrating Odoo to a new version.

Video Length:   1:30 Hours
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The third and final video in this advanced Odoo Class series

If you have followed the first two videos and are now ready to see the final hour and a half, you are certainly an advanced Odoo developer that is looking to learn all the little tips and secrets to developing in Odoo.

Wrapping up an advanced Odoo Developer Series

The three parts taken altogether not only demonstrate avanced Odoo development but also solves a real world problem. Soon will be running on the latest version of the Odoo and ready to be upgraded with great new features.

More advanced developer videos coming soon

Once the new is upgraded to the lastest master branch we will be identifying new features and will be changing the format of the subscriptions. This  will require customization and we will be including as with these videos, behind the scenes look at the design and development process of the upgrade.