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Odoo / OpenERP - Developer Training Volume One

Odoo / OpenERP - Developer Training Volume One

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If you are wanting to get started with Odoo development and are not really sure where to begin, this is the video for you. Learn the basics of Python and how to create an Odoo module from scratch. Learn the power of Odoo's inheritance to add functionality to Odoo applications without changing any of the base source code.

Video Length:   2:31 Hours
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Create a Module in Odoo

Step by step instruction to create 
a module from scratch. In this video, we start at very beginning... showing you how to create the folder structures and required files to begin creating your very first application in Odoo.
Included is an Odoo developer workbook that accompanies Odoo Developer Training Volume One.  Learn at your own pace.

Extend OpenERP/Odoo

Learn to add additional functionality to 
base OpenERP applications. In Odoo Developer Training Volume One, you learn how to add extra fields to extend Odoo for your specifc installation needs.
Do you need extra fields for your sales process? Maybe you need to add or remove fields from a view to present information more import to the user? This video will show you how to add that content to an Odoo installation.

For beginning Odoo Developers

This video is designed so you can begin building modules in Odoo even if you have not written programs in Python before. The video assumes you have never even used Python before!
So if you are new to Python or even new to development in general, Odoo Developer Training Volume One will provide you the jump start to get you programming in Odoo in no time!
Video Length: The video is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes long

Who is Odoo Developer Training Volume One for?

Odoo Developer Training Volume One is for new Odoo developers who wishes to extend and customize Odoo for their specific requirements. The video starts at the very beginning and walks you through creating a module entirely from scratch. These are foundation videos for many of the more advanced videos in the Odoo Class library.

First off I want to comment on all of the quality video editions you have recently added to your library. They have been tremendously helpful and I have been recommending your service to many people.

John P.

Is this Odoo Training Video for Odoo 7 or Odoo 8?

These videos were originally designed for Odoo 7. In Odoo 8, over 80% of the code base still uses the OpenERP / Odoo 7.0 API. It is important for a solid foundation in Odoo programming that you completely understand the Odoo 7 API first before moving on to the Odoo 8 API. Therefore this video is for both. Nearly all of the video is appropriate to be used directly with Odoo 8 however there will be some differences. For those completely new to Python and OpenERP programming you may wish to follow along with the video in Odoo 7 rather than in Odoo 8. 

Learn the Core Framework required to become an Odoo Developer

While it can be beneficial to know some Python, the most critical aspect of learning to become an accomplished Odoo Developer is to understand the Odoo framework. Unlike many other ERP systems in which you can modify the code or customize, Odoo provides a powerful inheritence mechanism. In these Odoo technical training videos we demonstrate how you can dramatically customize the processes in Odoo without having to change a single line of code in Odoo's source framework.

Do I have to already know Python or how to write computer programs?

The short answer is no. This video does not assume that you have any prior Python knowledge or even general programming knowledge. Naturally if you have never programmed at all you can expect that you will need to have time to absorb the material and use Google to help you with the learning curve. But even if you have never programmed before this video can help you get started with Odoo development. For those that already know how to program in another language other than Python, you should find the commands used in this video simple and easy to understand.

What are some of the specifics I will learn in this video?

Odoo Developer Training Volume One focuses on beginning Odoo development. In the video you learn how to create a module from scratch and cover the overall development process. You then learn to extend Odoo with custom fields and then display them in views within Odoo. After we get through the very most basic topics we learn how to create our own custom "model" in Odoo and use a many2one relationship to tie that model into our  Later in the video we move into using 'domain' within Odoo views to filter records and create more customized search options.

How is the training done? Do you have a training example?

There are several free YouTube videos that follow a similar style and presentation.

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