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Greg Moss is well known for offering professional Odoo Videos since the early days of OpenERP 6/7. Over the years, Greg has continued to add diverse and exciting content that help or integrators and developers go from zero to hero in record time.

Greg founded Odoo Class to accelerate the Odoo learning curve and incorporate real-world solutions to create the very best Odoo Training available anywhere. 

If you are an Odoo Developer or Integrator looking for projects or a business in need of expert Odoo Consultation, Contact Odoo Class Consulting and Technical Recruiting today.

Odoo Essentials: Real-world Odoo Solutions

The has never been a better time to learn Odoo!

Odoo Essentials is not just a video course or a set of lectures.
With Odoo Essentials you get the strategies and direct one-on-one support you need to guide you on your way to a successful Odoo Installation!

Odoo Essentials is your Gateway to Stress Free Odoo Integration.

Odoo Essentials goes beyond just basic Odoo features and configuration.

With OdooClass you will learn how to TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS with Odoo!

In my courses I demonstrate through real-world examples how to implement best-in-class business workflows.

Unlike most training that simply walks through menu items describing features and functions, our courses show you how to solve real world business requirements with Odoo.

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Introducing Mastering Odoo  Development

Learn how to build best in class Odoo applications from the ground up.

Proven Odoo Development training with LIVE one-on-one developer strategy sessions with Greg Moss, Odoo expert and founder of OdooClass.com

Mastering Odoo Development begins with an essential module that cements your understanding of the Odoo framework.

Greg's proven, well-paced training, makes learning the Odoo framework practically effortless.

Discover why more than 10,000 developers and integrators have chosen OdooClass.

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Read why our subscribers find Odoo Class to be the best value for Odoo Training and Tutorials.

The Ultimate Odoo Video Training Library

If you are wanting to learn Odoo fast and get access to the largest collection of professional Odoo videos you have come to the right place. We have videos covering the basics of setting up your accounting in Odoo, how to get started developing for Odoo, or how to get Odoo up and running on your own server. Our tutorials cover all aspects of Odoo development and integration. If we don't have the video you wish we will create it!

The best way to Learn how to Develop applications in Odoo

Here at Odoo Class we put out new Odoo videos each and every week. The greatest value of an Odoo Class subscription is not just the growing library of some of the best Odoo training vidoes you will find on the Internet. The real value of an Odoo Class subscription is we listen to our subscribers and create the videos YOU want to see and helps you solve solutions with Odoo.

The Odoo Inner Circle

Need direct assistance with an Odoo Integration? With Odoo Inner Circle you can get the very best Odoo consulting, integration, and customization services at extremely affordable rates. In fact, you can have Odoo inner Circle working beside you and assisting you in your integration or customization solution for less than you would pay an entry level Odoo Developer!

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