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Odoo Class has Trained Over 10,000 Odoo Developers and Integrators

Odoo Class is well known for offering professional Odoo Videos since the early days of OpenERP 6/7. We have continued to add diverse and exciting content that help developers go from zero to hero in record time. Still, Odoo Class knows all too well that IT projects have many challenges and that training alone is almost never enough. 

OdooClass Professional Odoo Technical Recruitment and Placement. In addition to providing Odoo Training, we also work closely with clients and developers to assist them in finding the right projects and jobs for them. We have provided technology consulting and training to literally hundreds of companies of all sizes. If you are an experienced Odoo Developer or Integrator looking for projects or a business in need of expert Odoo Consultation, Contact Odoo Class Consulting and Technical Recruiting today.

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Learn how to build best in class Odoo applications from the ground up. Proven Odoo Development training with LIVE one-on-one developer strategy sessions with Greg Moss, Odoo expert and founder of OdooClass.com

Discover why more than 10,000 developers and integrators have chosen OdooClass.

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If you are wanting to learn Odoo fast and get access to the largest collection of professional Odoo videos you have come to the right place. We have videos covering the basics of setting up your accounting in Odoo, how to get started developing for Odoo, or how to get Odoo up and running on your own server. Our tutorials cover all aspects of Odoo development and integration. If we don't have the video you wish we will create it!

The best way to Learn how to Develop applications in Odoo

Here at Odoo Class we put out new Odoo videos each and every week. The greatest value of an Odoo Class subscription is not just the growing library of some of the best Odoo training vidoes you will find on the Internet. The real value of an Odoo Class subscription is we listen to our subscribers and create the videos YOU want to see and helps you solve solutions with Odoo.

Odoo Video Subscriptions

Save money by purchasing a subscription to our entire Odoo video library. Now for as little as $65 a month you can access ALL of our Odoo / OpenERP videos. We've been creating Odoo video tutorials since OpenERP 6 and have trained thousands of Odoo developers. Subscribe and start learning Odoo today! If you are an Odoo developer struggling on ANY subject or requirement... we will help you find a solution!





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Why Odoo Class Videos?

Using the new Odoo website platform, OdooClass.com offers video training and online Odoo workshops run by experienced Odoo / OpenERP developers and consultants. For Developers. With weekly videos and workshops you can develop your Odoo skills and collaborate with other developers on your most critical projects. For Odoo integrators and users. Implementing any ERP system can be a great challenge. New videos each week and weekly workshops can get you up and running! For more information on Odoo consulting services and our original OpenERP / Odoo videos www.FirstClassComputerConsulting.com.

One of the most comprehensive libraries of Odoo (formally OpenERP) videos available

If you are wanting to learn Odoo you have come to the right place. And we don't just have a bunch of old videos from version 6 and 7. All but two of the videos in our library are for Odoo version 8 or above. The premium videos such as Mastering Odoo 9 Development, Odoo 10 Essentials, Odoo 9 Essentials, Odoo Essentials 8, Developer Training Volume One © Two, Ubuntu/Odoo bootcamp already provide hundreds of hours of Odoo video training. Each week subscription quality subscription videos many an hour or more in length are added to the library. You simply won't find a more comprehensive Odoo video library.

Business centered Odoo / OpenERP training

There are a lot of good training videos out there. But unfortunately far too many just walk down a list of features. Training that goes something like... "Check the make to order option on the product form to make to order" or "use the email template builder to build a template for your email". At Odoo Class we look at the business processes. How are the options in Odoo used to improve workflow? What do these options in Odoo do in real life business situations? How can I best integrate Odoo into my business? These are the questions that drive our training. Well and as you can probably see... we are using Odoo for this very website you are using right now.

Getting to what is important

Odoo is actually quite easy to use and the default configuration hides much complexity. You choose Odoo Class videos because we know much of Odoo's features are very self explanatory. You don't need videos that show you the obvious. You need videos that help you solve problems. This fits in with our commitment to business centered training. We create videos that help you solve problems. We don't create videos that tell you the name field is where you put your name, the address field is where you put the addresses, the payment terms is where you put the payment terms, and so on. Odoo Class videos focus on important business related features that solve real world problems.

Great Value

Onsite training is expensive. Most alternatives to Odoo Class... very expensive, non-existent, or poor quality. At Odoo Class you can have full access to ALL the videos in our library for as little as $65 a month with a one year subscription. You simply won't find a better bargin. Are you wanting to learn to develop applications for Odoo? Customize themes? Require your Odoo installation to support your domain or even multiple domain names? Want to really understand how the accounting entries in Odoo fit together? Analytical accounting still confusing or not sure why you would use it? Odoo Class provides you the answers you are looking for.

Integrate Odoo into your business with less risk and less anxiety

Will you want an Odoo consultant or partner to directly assist you in implementing Odoo in your business? Yes, that is very likely. But with Odoo Class videos you can jump start your company's road toward Odoo. You know your business processes. You know what needs to be improved. You live with the weaknesses of your existing systems every day. Learn at your own pace so you can ask consultants the right questions and get the most value for the money you may have to spend implementing Odoo. Reduce your business risk by asking the critical questions and know you are working with partners and consultants that understand Odoo at least as well as you do!

New Content weekly

You won't be waiting months for the next video. Within a week of reading this, there will be more videos. Likely several more. While our library already has great value, it is going to continue to grow and will remain the leading resource of Odoo training videos. The move from OpenERP to Odoo was an important strategic direction. New features and function that take OpenERP beyond the ERP system and into a platform of business applications, open source and easy to use. Each week we will be exploring these new features and work to provide the content that subscribers request.

Subscriber driven content

We create videos to help our subscribers use Odoo in their business. If you are having trouble implementing a feature or getting a certain function to work for you. Odoo Class wants to make that video that will solve that problem. While we can't promise that we can make every video for every subscriber request. We will most certainly create the videos that will provide the best value to our subscribers.