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Odoo Website Builder Bootcamp
Edit pages and the drag-and-drop interface
Overview of building blocks and tools
Adding multimedia like pictures, pictograms, and videos
Creating and editing tables
Customizing the look of your website
Changing your website's theme
Adding a new language - translating your website

Odoo Website Builder Bootcamp

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This full one hour and 50 minute video gets you going with Odoo website builder by covering every building block and website option along with tips and tricks along the way.

Video Length:   1:50 hrs
Free With Odoo Inner Circle

Comprehensive training for Odoo's website builder 

Unlike many of the videos out there that rush through a few of the options, this video covers all the standard website builder options, building blocks, customization features, menus, language translation, and even SEO considerations. If you are looking to learn the Odoo website builder this is the video you will want to watch.

Powerful features to create your own website today

Even though Odoo's website builder does not have the long history of Wordpress or other CMS systems it is extremely well designed, easy to use, and integrates seemlessly with Odoo. During the video we demonstrate both the strengths and weaknesses and how to work through them to get the results you want. We even 

It has never been so easy to build a website with business backend

While there are a lot of great little website builders the sad truth is there are very few that integrate with robust business systems such as Odoo. In a soon upcoming video we will expand on what we have learned here with Website builder bootcamp to demonstrate functions for ecommerce, human resources, CRM, and others that levearge the powerful Odoo website builder.

Learn Odoo's Website Builder

As you can tell we are not just making videos about Odoo. We use it for this very website, integrated with our products and providing the CMS for the content you are reading at this very moment. If you become an Odoo Class subscriber you can be sure that we will share our secrets on making the website builder work for you!

Tips and tricks for using Odoo's website builder

There are a lot of great website builders out there. In this video we show you the real stengths of Odoo's CMS. The inline editing, each block and how it can be used, the built in promotion tools, menu management, and even built in language translation. Best of all, Odoo's CMS integrates tightly with Odoo's model framework giving you a solid platform to build web based business applications. 

For developers, this is just the beginning

After you see how the CMS can be integrated into Odoo, take a look at our videos on Qweb templates and Odoo's new API to build your own interactive business applications on top of the powerful Odoo framework.