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How to import Bootstrap themes into Odoo
Introduction: How to import bootstrap themes into Odoo
Looking at the available free bootstrap themes on
Using Odoo scaffolding to create the template for our bootstrap theme
Setting up the (now for the custom Odoo theme
Bringing the bootstrap.css file into the Odoo module
Working with the custom.less file from the bootstrap theme
Bring in the variables.less file
Creating our pages.xml template from the bootstrap theme
Installing the theme
Other sources for bootstrap themes you can import into Odoo

How to import Bootstrap themes into Odoo

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With hundreds of free and countless inexpensive bootstrap themes, the purpose of this video is to get you started converting bootstrap themes to Odoo.

Video Length:   27 min.
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Step by step how to import a BootStrap theme into Odoo

With many thousands of great bootstrap themes available one of the most exciting aspects of the new Odoo CMS application is that it is built around bootstrap. This video starts right from the beginning creating the theme using odoo scaffolding and then moving over the required css and less files from bootstrap. All as a full theme module that can be installed or uninstalled as required.

Access to thousands of free and inexpensive Bootstrap templates

Already there are thousands of Bootstrap themes and dashboards. Odoo comes with a few themes but naturally each business or website will want to have their own look. Now with this video you can begin learning how to leverage the many thousands of bootstrap themes and bring the ones that work for your situation into your Odoo installation. 

Getting the theme YOU want

While certainly there are some themes already available for Odoo and more themes are on the way, one of the best aspects of bootstrap is the portability and flexibility the themes offer. Beginning with this video you will not be limited to just a few dozen themes or perhaps even a few hundred themes that are 'built for odoo', but instead begin learning how you can import ANY bootstrap theme into odoo. 

Who is this video for?

This video will primarily benefit Odoo developers and web designers. Odoo integrators could benefit from watching the video to get a little better understanding how Odoo's website funcationality fits together. If you are interested already or have tried to bring bootstrap themes into Odoo theme obviously you may want to consider this video. 

What is the difficulty of this video?

For developers and website designers this video should be very easy to follow and provide you the basics for bringing a bootstrap theme into Odoo. We already have several more videos planned that wiill look closer at bootstrap / Odoo theme integrations and bootstrap themes that use extensive javascript. 

Superhero theme

In this video, we demonstrate how to bring in a free theme that is similar to the themes that odoo provides in their basic theme pack. You can find Superhero and other bootstrap themes that are not all available in the standard Odoo build on

Future Bootstrap theme videos

Following the completion of the successful theme campaign, we will be releasing a series of videos that show you in even more detail how to bring in Bootstrap themes into Odoo. It is expected that a great many new features, widgets and a more robust theme manager will come out of this new project. Please check back frequently as we intend to support all the new theme tools and provide videos on how to get the most out of them.

This is an introduction video to integrating bootstrap themes into odoo. If this is intriguing to you it is likely because you already know there are thousands of quality bootstrap themes many of them for free or just a few dollars. Here is a list of five of our favorite themes and site collections. In future videos we will be getting into much more detail on how bootstrap themes can be imported and used inside Odoo.

  1. WrapBootStrap.Com - This quality website features perhaps the most complete collection of bootstrap themes in all categories. While many of these are not free even the most expensive themes typically only run $35-40 and typically offer a great deal of value for the money. With hundreds of templates to choose from there is a bootstrap theme on this site for just about everyone.
  2. SB Admin 2 - This is an admin theme that we plan to provide future videos on exactly how to import a more dynamic theme with javascript into Odoo. If you work with Bootstrap this is a great free theme with plenty of built in features.
  3. - This site has a great collection of clean themes that are both free and can be downloaded (at this time) without having to login to the website. We most certainly will be moving some of these quality free themes into Odoo and provding you videos and source on how we accomplish each conversion.
  4. AdminLTE Bootstrap Template - This is another free bootstrap theme that we will be building instructional videos on how to move into Odoo.
  5. - While this site may not have as many premium templates it has a very solid selection of free templates and custom templates that provide a different look and style than many of the standard bootstrap themes.