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Introduction to the Odoo Clean Theme

Introduction to the Odoo Clean Theme

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See the advantages of Odoo's new theme engine and the clean theme design with more widgets and layout options.

Video Length:   15 minutes
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Odoo's new Clean Theme includes new web widgets

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Clean Theme is the many new web widgets. In this video we go over some of the new widgets including the more flexible title and banner features that allow you to better customize your website by theme. If you need help downloading, installing or configuring the Clean Theme that is exactly what we are here for at Odoo Class. 

Clean Theme is flexible and allows for custom layouts

The new structure features allow you to easily design Bootstrap based sites that present data in to one, two or three columns. Learn how the new theme features let you have gradiants and even animations that fade or slide products into view. Clean Theme gives you a great deal more control over your website. Future videos will continue to build on Odoo's Clean Theme and show how you can customize it for your business. 

Builds on videos from Odoo Essentials and qweb templates

This is an overview of the new Clean Theme options and assumes that you are already comfortable with many of the basic website building tools available in Odoo 8. Before Clean Theme was released many of the available widgets and style options were quite limited. While Odoo 8 had provided the base CMS, it was not until Clean Theme that we had this full range of layouts, widgets, and style options. 

Clean Theme and Website Builder tips for Windows

Consider the tips below when installing Clean Theme in Windows

Windows sometimes takes a little more configuration depending on the installation and steps you've taken to install Odoo for Windows. Note that in general it is not recommended to use Windows for production Odoo installations. Ubuntu is faster, better supported, and provides built in capabilities to create multiple threads for users. That said, installing Odoo in Windows has value due to the wide selection of IDE's and mature desktop options. 

Install NodeJS You must install node.js and then run a command line script. First visit and use the Windows Installer. 

Install the 'Less' template for NodeJS. Odoo clean theme and other bootstrap themes will sometimes use a library called Less. There is often not clear documentation on how to install this on windows. Use the command line below to install the Less template. If everything goes as it should when you refresh your Odoo website errors involving missing libraries should disappear.

npm install -g less less-plugin-clean-css

Introducing the Clean Theme for Odoo

Get started with the Clean Theme for Odoo

Easy to customize, awesome new building blocks and a new fresh look that stands out. See the new widgets and tools. With Odoo Class, learn how to modify Clean Theme and other bootstrap themes. Learn to use qweb templates to make dynamic websites. 

The Odoo Clean Theme provides new Structure widgets

Ten new structure widgets

The new clean theme provides you all new structure widgets. At Odoo Class, learn how to create your own widgets and custom modules with our developer videos.

New drag & drop features to make your website look awesome!

Odoo's Clean Theme includes many pre-built blocks

Get started building a great looking website right away with professional pre-built features that are customizable to look just the way you want.