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Introduction to Odoo qweb templates

Introduction to Odoo qweb templates

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If you intend to customize reports, create web applications in Odoo, customize the website builder or make your own Odoo themes, understanding qweb templates is the first step. This video is what you need to get started learning all about qweb templates.

Video Length:   24 min.
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Learn how to use odoo qweb templates

Finally a video that introduces you to the basics of qweb templates and how you use them in Odoo. If you are new to qweb templates, this video is designed to give you a first look and real business example to get you started. qweb templates enable the new odoo CMS website application to integrate cleanly with Odoo's models and framework. Therefore it is easy to create dynamic web pages based on any odoo module if you know how to use qweb templates.

Using qweb t-if attribute to dynamically modify an odoo page

We are doing what they sometimes call, 'eating your own dog food.'. This site runs on Odoo 8 and we are actively using Odoo 8 to provide the subscriber video services and the affiliate program. In this video we show you how we use qweb templates and specifically the t-if attribute to determine if a public user should see a picture or if the user is a video subscriber who should receive a fully functional video player with the associate content.

Using qweb t-att-[src] to create dynamic attributes

In our previous video, Introduction to Odoo 8 API we added a video_url field to product.template. In this video we use the video_url field to specify the video that should be displayed to paid subscribers instead of the picture of the product. This is accomplished by using a qweb attribute 't-att-src' that dynamically sets the url source file of the video based on the data in the field. 

Do you have to have previous qweb template experience to use this video?

No. In fact this video is designed to introduce someone who is new to qweb templates what they do, how they can be modified, and how with just a little bit of effort you can get the results you want from qweb templates in a matter of minutes. 

Do I need to watch Introduction to Odoo 8 api?

Watching the previous video is helpful but not required. This video starts with a quick review of the previous video in which we add a 'video_url' field to product.template using the new odoo 8.0 api. Nearly every technical video is going to be easier to understand if you have watched and understand OpenERP/Odoo Developer volume one & two or have equivelent experience with OpenERP/Odoo 7.

Video Length

This video is approximately 22 minutes in length and is designed to be a short introduction to the Odoo qweb templates. Future videos will build on this foundation.