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Odoo / OpenERP - Developer Training Volume Two

Odoo / OpenERP - Developer Training Volume Two

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Designed for those who have completed developer training volume one, this video extends on the basics and shows you how to do even more with Odoo's framework to extend applications and provide dynamic functionality. Learn to use context so that your python methods can dynamically control your Odoo application. Later in the video we cover importing data into Odoo and how to use Odoo's powerful XML-RPC capabilities.

Video Length:   3:07 hours
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Build Dynamic Odoo Applications

Odoo Developer Training Volume Two teaches you to develop Odoo applications that can respond dynamically to user events. Learn how to pass 'context' from your views to python methods.

Learn Odoo development

Volume Two builds on what is presented in volume one. Looking at some of the real world requirements of a boat manufacture, Odoo developer training volume two extends your application development skills.

Learn More Python

In volume two we introduce more Python commands critical to developing Odoo applications. Still, a step by step process alows someone with even minimal programming skills to follow along and learn how to develop Odoo applications!

Video Length

Approximately 3 hours

Who is Odoo Developer Training Volume Two for?

Odoo developer training volume two is for anyone who has some basic knoweldge of how to build an Odoo application but is wanting to learn more. For volume two you should be know the basic concepts behind building an Odoo module and how to do simple tasks like add a field to a model or modify a view to display alternative results.

Is this Odoo Training Video for Odoo 7 or Odoo 8?

These videos were originally designed for Odoo 7. In Odoo 8, over 80% of the code base still uses the OpenERP / Odoo 7.0 API. It is important for a solid foundation in Odoo programming that you completely understand the Odoo 7 API first before moving on to the Odoo 8 API.  The main skills you will need in developing for Odoo is understanding the framework. You must understand it very well to make fast and well written modules. This means looking through a lot of the existing modules and using the examples in them in order to build your own modules. It requires you know what community modules are available. At this time, nearly all of that code is in Odoo 7 API. Therefore this video is designed for the beginner to give them the foundation required to become an OpenERP developer.

Choosing which version of Odoo to use for this video

Nearly all of the video is appropriate to be used directly with Odoo 8 however there will be some differences. For those completely new to Python and OpenERP programming you may wish to follow along with the video in an Odoo 7 installation rather than in Odoo 8. Additional more advanced videos in the Odoo Class collection take what you learn here and introduce you to the Odoo 8 API

Do I have to buy volume one before watching volume two?

No. If you are already familiar with developing applications in Odoo then you should be good to buy volume two.

To skip volume one and go straight to volume two you should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Create the necessary directories and structures to build an Odoo module / application
  • Know the purpose and how to create the required entries in and
  • Understand the basic development cycle, how to install a module and how to set the right switches to update addons and the database
  • How to extend models to have extra fields
  • Make basic manipulation in views to display alternative information than the standard Odoo applications

What are some of the specifics I will learn in this video?

Odoo Developer Training Volume Two is designed to build on what has been taught in volume one. Still, volume two is a stand alone tutorial that can be used by anyone who already knows a little bit about programming in Odoo. While volume one provides basics, in volume two we really start getting in how to build a dynamic Odoo application that responds to user actions. To accomplish this we spend a great deal of time focusing on how to use the 'context' attribute within Odoo views. If you are unfamiliar or still somewhat uncomfortable with how to use context within views and Python modules this video is for you. Once you have mastered how to use context it can be applied in countless ways to create powerful Odoo applications and modifications.

How is the training done? Do you have a training example?

There are several free YouTube videos that follow a similar style and presentation.

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