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Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp

Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp

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One of our premium videos at nearly 3 hours in length, Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp you learn step by step how to install Ubuntu on vmware and pull Odoo open source from github and configure your server to launch Odoo automatically on reboot. Setup Nginx to configure your Odoo web server for your own domain name. Designed to teach the essential commands to install Odoo for those that are new to Ubuntu.

Video Length:   2:46 hrs
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Easy to follow video

After many dozens of installs and learning Ubuntu specifically for use with OpenERP and Odoo this video was created to make it easier for those who are installing Odoo for the first time.

Learn Ubuntu and Install Odoo

The combination of Ubuntu and Odoo provide opportunities for businesses, developers and integrators like never before. Fast, well designed, open source systems that free you from expensive licensing contracts and vendor 'lock in'. There has never been a better time to learn Ubuntu and Odoo... With this 2 hour 45 minute video you will learn 


In addition to the basics, Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp covers impoort production topics for managing your configuration files, setting up NGinx, tie a domain name to your Odoo website, create a startup script to automatically start Odoo services, and even deploy virtual python environments to easily manage multiple Odoo versions on the same server.

Install VMWare Player & Ubuntu

We start you at the very beginning downloading the free VMware player for windows and how to find the latest Ubuntu 14.04. The installation shows you how to properly configure your network interface.
If you are new to virtualization, do not fear. This video shows you step by step how you can have Ubuntu running on your existing workstation in a matter of minutes.This is no nonsense get it working and working fast! If you want Odoo running on Ubuntu today then this video can help you make it happen.

Learn basic Ubuntu / Install Odoo

Never used Ubuntu before? This video will make it far easier for you to get going. We show you the essential commands step by step. Along the way we cover most of the common troubleshooting problems. By design, this video shows you what happens when you don't have the right permission, need additional libraries, and the extra steps required to better secure your installation. Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp will give you the confidence to complete your own successful Odoo installation.

Advanced Odoo configurations

After the installation is complete learn how to configure a start up script so that Odoo will start automatically. Next the video walks you through the installation of Nginx and how you can route a domain name like directly to your Odoo installation. Want threaded workers to improve your performance? This video has that. We even go into setting up virtual python environments in which you can run multiple versions of Odoo on the same server. 

Odoo Ubuntu Bootcamp Workbook

This video contains a companion workbook. You can download it here:

Who is Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp for?

This video is for anyone who is either new to install Ubuntu, new to installing Odoo or both. This video assumes you have never used Ubuntu before or have used it very little. It squarely focuses on the commands you need to perform a successful Ubuntu install. In addition to the basics, the video goes much further into more production related topics. If you are unfamiliar with NGinx, how to create a startup script so Odoo starts up automatically when the server reboots, or how to tie a domain name into your Odoo installation; this step by step video course will help you understand these more advanced Odoo configurations.

From my prospective is the best source that exist for Odoo V8 at the moment.

Radi S.

Will this course teach me Ubuntu 14.04?

This course goes step by step through the entire installation process and all the Ubuntu commands required. Remember however that Ubuntu administration is legitimate professional career with many advanced topics and commands that are far outside the scope of this video. This is called an 'Ubuntu bootcamp' for a reason. It is about basics and getting around Ubuntu enough so you can begin managing an Odoo installation. If you plan to maintain production Ubuntu servers running Odoo this will help you get started, but be prepared to allocate additional time to learning all that is required from disaster recovery to security.

Does this version cover Odoo 8?

Yes, this version specifically covers Odoo 8 installation and uses the Github repository.

How is the training done? Do you have a training example?

There are several free YouTube videos that follow a similar style and presentation.

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