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Introduction to Odoo 8 API

Introduction to Odoo 8 API

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This basic Odoo development video looks at the new Odoo 8 API. Now the Odoo API handles record sets, functional fields, and adding fields to models in an entirely new way. The new design works better with Python dictionaries and allows greatly flexibility in creating your Odoo application.

Video Length:   20 min.
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Learn the new Odoo 8 API

This is the very first introduction to the new Odoo 8 API for adding additional fields to models in Odoo. Over the next several weeks videos will cover various aspects of the new API, the qweb templates, themes, and how to work with the new report manager. In this video we jump right in to show  a real Odoo example you are using right now... How provides video subscriptions using cloudfront and Amazon S3 hosting.

No more _columns for defining fields

In the new Odoo 8 API you no longer define fields using dictionaries. With the Introduction to Odoo 8 API video we start right at the beginning and use a scaffold to build a module that we will use to demonstrate exactly how you can add a field to the product template.
In our upcoming videos you will learn how decorators can make functional fields far easier to implement in the new Odoo 8 API.

Tips & Troubleshooting

This is a short 20 minute video that creates a fully functional module that can be installed to add a video product URL to the odoo application. But like all our videos we show everything and how to troubleshoot what does not work the first time. What happens when you don't have the right permissions on the directory? How do you handle missing dependencies? What is the easiest way to check if the field has been successfully added? This video will help answer questions most beginning Odoo developers will face at some point.