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Purchase Management - Odoo 11

Purchase Management - Odoo 11

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Odoo has always provided a solid purchase management application. There are some small changes between Odoo 10 & Odoo 11 purchasing. This video takes a look at some of the things you need to be aware of with Purchase Management and Odoo 11.

Video Length:   17 Minutes
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      Implementing the Odoo 11 Purchasing Application - Community & Enterprise

      What is new in Odoo 11 Purchasing? 

      In this video we explore the primary changes in the purchasing application in Odoo 11. If you are unfamiliar with Odoo's purchasing application and wish to have a tutorial on how to setup, implement, and get the most out of Odoo's Purchasing Application then you will want to check out Odoo 10 Essentials Purchasing video. There are only very small changes between Odoo 10 and Odoo 11 when it comes to the purchasing application. Therefore you should consider any Odoo 10 videos related to purchasing as relevant to an Odoo 11 purchasing system.

      What are some of the changes in Odoo 11?

      Easily Set Approval Amount for Purchase Orders. Using Odoo's record rules and easily customized architecture it has always been possible to setup a purchasing system in Odoo that required approvals on purchase orders over a given amount. For example, you may wish to only have to approve purchase orders over $1,000. Otherwise the purchase order does not require approval. Prior to Odoo 11, this would be accomplished by creating a record rule in developer mode or writing a small custom module to provide that functionality. Now in Odoo 11 you have the option of specifying a purchase order approval amount from within the purchasing settings.

      Request for Quotations and Purchase Agreements. Like many Odoo applications, when you install the purchasing application you are given only the most basic options. In this video Diogo demonstrates how to go into the settings and enable the ability to do purchase agreements and request for quotations. This allows you to send out requests for quotes in Odoo to multiple vendors and then select the best bid that meets your requirements.  This workflow has continued to be refined and improved in Odoo 11.

      Procurements and the Activities menu. Perhaps the biggest functional change between purchasing in Odoo 10 and purchasing in Odoo 11 is how you are notified about procurement exceptions. Previously, in Odoo 10, procurements relied on a rather passive and rudely implemented interface for discovering bottlenecks in the purchasing process. For example, in a make/made to order routing a purchase order would be created through a procurement exception. This requires action on behave of a purchasing agent using Odoo to find go through the exceptions and process purchase orders for the required products. While the purchase orders are created automatically, they still require human intervention to verify, confirm, and process. Now in Odoo 11 the new activities menu consolidates the actions that the purchasing agent must perform. In this video, Diogo walks you through exactly how the process works in both Odoo community and enterprise.