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Odoo 9 Purchase Management
Introduction: Installing Odoo 9 Purchase Management application installation
Overview of the applications and purchasing integration with inventory
Examining a purchase order and basic purchasing workflow
Printing a purchase order in Odoo 9
Receiving goods into inventory from an existing purchase order
Creating vendor bills (invoices) for your goods
Paying your vendor bills by registering a payment
Creating a request for quotation / purchase order in Odoo
Validating the purchase order
Odoo purchasing reports and using the purchase analysis tools
Examining the rest of the purchasing menu options and processes
Handling backorders
Examining inventory management and purchasing integration
Handling multiple units of measure in Odoo purchase management

Odoo 9 Purchase Management

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Following up on the Odoo 9 Inventory Management video, Odoo 9 Purchase Management covers how to create RFQ's (Request for Quotation), Purchase Orders, receive products into inventory, pay vendor bills and other basic purchasing operations. The video also covers the handling of different unit of measures such as purchasing in cases and doing the conversion automatically into individual units.

Video Length:   1:19 Hours
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Understanding Odoo 9 Purchase Management Application

This video covers one of the more common Odoo applications, Purchase Management. In the video we begin by installing purchase management and learn the basics of processing a RFQ (Request for Quotation) by turning it into a purchase order to be sent to a vendor. Next we see how to receive product into inventory and enter a vendor bill to pay for the products that you have received. Within the first 20 minutes you will be well on your way to learning the basics of purchase management in Odoo 9.

Looking into more advanced purchase order processes

After covering the basics the video begins to look at some common processes. This includes handling back orders for when you don't receive all the products you have expected as well as how to cancel the remaining order entirely if you do not wish to create a back order. Of course there will be times when you have to return product back to a vendor or supplier. The video covers this process as well. Finally the video covers more advanced topics like how to handle multiple units of measure when purchasing product.

Building on the Inventory Management Application

When you install Purchase Management in Odoo 9 it automatically installs Odoo Inventory Management as a required dependency. This allows the Purchase Management application to handle incoming shipments into the warehouse as other operations such as returns and back orders. If you are not familiar with Inventory Management in Odoo you should consider viewing our video on Odoo 9 Inventory Management.