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Odoo 9 Inventory Management
Introduction: Odoo 9 Inventory Management (previously Warehouse Management)
Learn about the inventory dashboards and inventory receipts and delivery orders
Examine inventory product attributes on hand, forecasting, and reorder options
Receiving products into inventory and handling partial receipts and backorders
Handling delivery orders
Using the dashboard to manage inventory and initiate internal transfers
Troubleshooting procurement and handling moves dependent on other moves
Inventory valuation and inventory reports
Basic overview of reordering rules
Inventory adjustments - Also known as physical inventory or cycle counts
Tracing and auditing your inventory moves
Handling lots and serial numbers on products
Looking at additional configuration options for more complex inventory management
Handling multiple warehouse locations in Odoo

Odoo 9 Inventory Management

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In this video we cover Inventory Management (formally Warehouse Management), one of the primary Odoo applications. If you are working with sales management, purchasing, or manufacturing you will ultimately have to also work with inventory management as well. This video covers the basic operations in inventory management: receipts, delivery orders, and handling internal transfers. Learn how to configure Odoo with multiple locations as well as multiple warehouses.

Video Length:   1:29 Hours
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Understanding Odoo 9 Inventory Management

Previously called Warehouse Management in earlier versions of Odoo, Inventory Management often forms the foundation for a successful ERP system. Purchasing, Sales Management, and Manufacturing all depend on Warehouse Management to organize the inventory of products and their related transactions. In this video we cover all basic operations as well as review some of the options available for more advanced inventory configurations.

What operations are covered in Odoo Inventory Management?

At the basic level, Odoo Inventory Management organizes products that are incoming from vendors (receipts), outgoing to customers (delivery orders), and products that must move between locations within the company (internal transfers). In addition inventory management also allows for the handling of backorders and provides the necessary inventory reports so an inventory manager can make the appropriate decisions for the business.

A critical application for many Odoo installations

Often times when configuring an Odoo installation how well the inventory system is configured will have a great deal of impact on how well specific business requirements are handled. That is why in this video we use multiple examples for each of the major inventory operations and cover all the basic inventory transactions and options so that we have a firm foundation to begin exploring more advanced inventory topics in other Odoo videos. 

Put Odoo's Inventory Management Application to work for you! 

Odoo9 provides a dashboard for inventory management

With the Odoo dashboard you can quickly see what operations are pending, late, or on back order. Each warehouse within your company will have two panes for receipts and delivery orders as well as a pane for internal transfers if you have multiple locations configured withing your application

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