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Understanding Odoo 9 Accounting and Finance

Understanding Odoo 9 Accounting and Finance

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One of the most exciting new developments in Odoo 9 is the completely redesigned Accounting and Finance application. This video takes you through all the basic accounting features with example transactions. By the time you complete this video you should be well on your way to understanding how to configure and use the Odoo Accounting & Finance application.

Video Length:   1:17 Hours
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Learn the completely re-designed Odoo Accounting & Finance Application 

Get started with Odoo 9's powerful new Accounting & Finance application

This example profit and loss report is one of the latest new features in Odoo 9. Please note that this video focuses on the Odoo 9 Enterprise Edition. The Odoo 9 Community Edition will have a slightly different appearance but the transactions and processes are very similar. 

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    Odoo 9 Accounting & Finance

    While there are a lot of new features in Odoo 9 few of them have as dramatic impact as Odoo 9's powerful new Accounting and Finance application. Simplified installation, a more clearly defined chart of account, and dynamic new reports are only some of the powerful enhancements that have come to Odoo 9. This video demonstrates Odoo 9 Accounting & Finance using the Odoo 9 Enterprise Edition.

    Using Odoo 9 Accounting & Finance in real business

    Like other Odoo Class videos we do our best to show you how to implement Odoo into your business. In this video we show you exactly how customer invoices and payments hit the various accounts and then how those accounts are displayed on the reports. Confused about how taxes are reported or how the various transactions appear on the accounting reports?  This video will get you on the right track.

    Accounting & Finance - The foundation of Odoo

    Unless you plan to use Odoo just to make a simple website there is a good possibility you will need to have to work with Odoo's Accounting and Finance application. In fact one of the most critical aspects of any Odoo installation is making sure you have a through understanding of exactly how the Accounting & Financing application integrates with the various Odoo applications. 

    Learn how to implement Accounting

    If you are confused about some of the accounting fits together between customer invoices, vendor payments, bank reconciliation, and even tax reporting... this video is for you. We start with some of the most basic Odoo operations such as making a customer invoice and show you exactly how it impacts your profit & loss statement and your balance sheet.

    As we work through the transactions we then learn how to reconcile our accounts with a bank statement. Using Odoo 9's new reconciliation features we see how to handle over payments and keep them open on the customer account. We configure taxes so they will automatically calculate based on the product selection and then learn how to use fiscal positions to handle taxes that may vary from customer to customer. If you intend to implement Odoo and need to understand Odoo Accounting & Finance, this is the video to watch.

    In this video we took what we learned making Accounting & Finance videos for Odoo 8 and created a more comprehensive video.  We believe this video combined with Odoo 9 Essentials is a great place to get started with learning Odoo.