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Advanced Odoo Accounting Operational Units
Introduction: Downloading the OCA Operating Units from GIT
Create operating units database, install applications
Installing the Accounting With Operating Units Addon
Creating an Invoice with Operating Units
Adding and managing Operating Units
Examining journal entries for Operating Units
Producing Profit and Loss Statements by Operating Units
Accounting and Operating Units with Sales Management
Accounting and Operating Units with Warehouse Management
Summary of Operating Units and contrast with multiple companies

Advanced Odoo Accounting Operational Units

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This advanced Odoo accounting video extends the basic out-of-the-box Odoo accounting with operational units. These operational units will allow you to create important financial reports such as balance sheets, profit loss statements, and journal history that can be filtered by custom defined operational units. This is a must see video for anyone looking into advanced accounting and reporting in Odoo.

Video Length:   18 minutes
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Understanding Odoo Accounting & Operational Units

In our previous video on configuring multiple companies in Odoo we examined how we could use multiple companies for languages and for handling multiple currencies in Odoo. While multiple companies can be beneficial for some business requirements it can also greatly complicate other operations. Fortunately an OCA addon can offer an alternative reporting approach using operational units in Odoo.

What are operational units and why would I want them? 

Operational units in OCA addon for Odoo 8, 9 and 10 that allow you to produce accounting reports with operational units you can define. Best of all you can choose exactly which applications utilize operational units minimizing the amount of configuration required compared to multiple companies. For example, if you wanted to report your profit-loss statements by region but you could still have a centralized purchasing system that doesn't include any operational unit functionality.  

Extending Odoo's Accounting Functionality & Development

The operating unit add-on provides a great deal of functionality that is missing from Odoo's out-of-the-box Accounting application. This addon also can be very valuable to Odoo developers as a platform for additional Odoo accounting reports. By examining the source code for the addon you can understand how to inject your own custom data into transactions and have them carry all the way through to the required journal entries.