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Analytic Accounting in Odoo 8
Introduction: Analytic Accounting in Odoo
Installing Accounting & Finance and basic overview of analytic accounting
Configuring Odoo for analytic accounting
Examining the default sales and purchasing analytic journals
Analytic accounts and how they are tied to projects
Looking at the different types of analytic accounts
Invoicing projects and tracking sales across multiple jobs using analytic accounts in Odoo
Analytic view accounts and seeing the analytic sales associated with the projects
Job costing and using purchasing to automatically cost products to analytic accounts
Modifying draft vendor bills and spliting invoice items for the correct analytic account
Create better analytic accounting management using analytic account defaults
Other uses of analytic accounting: Tracking sales promotions
Automatically assigning an analytic account to a product during sales order entry

Analytic Accounting in Odoo 8

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Learn to use analytic accounting in Odoo.

Video Length:   36 minutes
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How to use analytic accounting in Odoo

in this video, learn one of the most powerful features that is included with Odoo's core applications... the ability to do analytic accounting and setup analytic accounts. In this video we explain the basics of analytic accounting Odoo, why you may want to use analytic accounting, and then walk through some real world examples on how you can actually put analytic accounting to use in Odoo.

Use Analytic Accounting in Odoo 8 to do Project Job Costing

While standard chart of accounts works great for looking at sales and expenses by product it is ineffective for tracking expenses and income across jobs. For example, if you are a construction company or a manufacture that does a lot of contract work... you want to know what costs went into that job as well as the income your received related to that job. In this video we show you how to do just that with Odoo accounting & finance with analytical accounting enabled.

Analytic accounting helps you get the most out your data in Odoo

While analytic accounting is great for job costing and tracking project related items it can also be a great tool for many other purposes. What if you are running a promotion next month and would like to know how your sales look like during that time frame and perhaps relate that to the expenses you have spent on advertising? As analytic accounts can be nested and you can create view accounts there is virtually no limit to how you can look at your company data.

Why would I want to use Analytic Accounting in Odoo?

With Odoo's analytical accounting you can create default analytical transactions that will allow you to track exactly the income you made during your promotions. As another example, you can tie analytical accounts to users.... giving you the ability to generate commission reports or perhaps create bonus plans.  Understanding analytical accounting will help you get the most out of Odoo and this video will show you step by step exactly how to set it all up and get it working for your business.

Does analytic accounting change my standard chart of accounts?

No. You still maintain a chart of accounts just like before... Analytic accounting allows you to look at your transactions from another perspectivce. In this video our example we use a company that builds water towers. With companies that have large projects it is important to know what costs and income go with those projects. The standard chart of accounts still remains and you still can see your total costs for products just like before. Analytic accounting just lets you see it all from another perspective.

Can I do job costing in Odoo?

With analytic accounting and Odoo's project manager it is relatively easy to setup a system to track costs and income by jobs.

What are some examples in which I could use analytical accounting?

  • Look at income and expenses for a given job or project you have done for a client
  • Are you doing a big event? Don't create an account in your general ledger. Instead,  setup an analytical account so that you can look at the expenses and if applicable the income that resulted.
  • Have an upcoming sales promotion? Using an analytical account you can track income on the projects and services you have promoted
  • Need a sales commission report? Use analytical accounting to automatically track sales into analytical accounts tied to Odoo users.
  • Need to look at sales by region? Don't use general ledger accounts... instead create an analytical view account and group your customers into them.

Does this video have any pre-requisites?

To best understand this video you should know the basics of Odoo & Accouting and finance from either Odoo Essentials or watching Odoo 8 Accounting Finance Setup For Beginners.