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Odoo 8 Accounting & Finance Setup for Beginners

Odoo 8 Accounting & Finance Setup for Beginners

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Learn to setup accounting and finance in Odoo. This business driven video looks how transactions flow into the Odoo general ledger and how the chart of accounts is structured in Odoo.

Video Length:   26 min.
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Learn how to setup Odoo's Accounting & Finance application

This video looks at an Odoo installation featuring only the Accounting & Finance application. We start with a clean Odoo installation and walk through the setup of the accounting & finance application introducing various tips and tricks along the way that will help you get your way around Odoo's general ledger and account formats.

Understand the basics of Odoo's A/R, A/P, & G/L operations

Odoo's Accounting & Finance module handle what would typically be considered the A/R, A/P, and G/L modules in many ERP systems. In this direct and to the point video we look at how to hand Odoo Accounts Payable & Odoo Accounts Reivable operations including invoicing and payments.

NOTE: This video is for Odoo 8... If you have Odoo 9 you will want to view Understanding Odoo 9 Accounting & Finance.

Using Odoo in your business

If you plan to use Odoo in your business for anything other than CMS features, it is vital that you understand the basics of the Odoo Accounting & Finance application. This video is great for someone who has just started working with the Accounting & Finance application in Odoo or perhaps if you have already watched Odoo Essentials would like to have a review of the application from another perspective.