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Project Management - Invoicing and Job costing in Odoo

Project Management - Invoicing and Job costing in Odoo

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Job costing is very important for operations in which both expenses and income are highly tied to a given project or contract. This video looks at how you can handle job costing in Odoo.

Video Length:   58 minutes
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Learn to use Odoo's Project Management Application

Odoo has a quite powerful Project Management application. With Odoo's project management application installed you can create projects, assign tasks and responsibilities, track deadlines, and look at your information in a variety of views. This video shows you how to get started with Project Management in Odoo from the basics all the way to invoicing and job costing.

Using Project Management to streamline invoicing

Odoo seamlessly integrates contract management, analytic accounting, and timesheets to make it easy to create a complete invoicing and job costing solution. This is perfect for any company that has project based income streams such as construction companies, IT firms, accountants, etc.

Learn the important tricks to setting up Project Management

Like most systems, there are a few things that you must know in order to get the system properly configured. In this video we uncover how to handle assigning employee's different products for the purposes of job costing. We see along the way some of the problems you may encounter such as missing periods, incompatible unit of measures, and other little tips and tricks that could make a simple project management difficult to implement if you do not know them.