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Purchase Management - Odoo 10 Essentials Community Edition
Introduction: Creating a Purchase Management database, installing the application
Creating a request for quotation or draft purchase order
Confirm the RFQ to turn it into a valid purchase order
Receiving the purchased goods into inventory
View the inventory and set costs for inventory valuation
Examining the primary differences between an RFQ and purchase order
Creating Vendor Bills / Vendor Invoices
Register payments for purchased goods... paying vendor bills
Automating purchase orders using Sales and configuring products Make To Order
Handling delivery back orders and making sure no delivery orders are missed
Creating an automated purchasing system based on min/max rules
Multiple variants and pricing limitations of multiple variants in purchase management
Vendor price lists and testing further the limitations of multiple product variants
Purchasing and receiving in different units of measure
Creating custom units of measures with ratios and automatic conversion
Handling drop shipping direct from vendors with Odoo purchase management

Purchase Management - Odoo 10 Essentials Community Edition

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Odoo 10 continues to improve on the most powerful suite of open source business applications. Major usability improvements in Purchase Management provide greater visibility over your purchasing operations and inventory management. Odoo 10 Essentials Purchase Management takes you through the basic operations before demonstrating automated procurement methods, vendor pricing, and handling multiple units of measure.

Video Length:   1:23 Hours
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Configuring Odoo 10 Purchase Management

In Odoo 10 Essentials we start right at the beginning. We install a test database and the purchase management application. Within minutes you have created a purchase order, received goods into your inventory and have created a vendor bill to pay for your products.


Odoo 10 Essentials - It's more than just basic operations 

Odoo 10 is easy to use. Very easy to use. As a result we are able to cover most of the basic operations in the first half hour of the video. Then you learn how to configure Odoo Purchase Management to handle a variety of scenarios.

Creating Automated Procurement Systems

Building on what was presented in Odoo 10 Sales Management we demonstrate how to setup automated procurement systems that allow you to create purchase orders automatically from sales orders or from min/max rules. Purchase management has never been so easy!

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    Creating a Purchase Management Workflow

    Many training videos are structured by walking through menu items and describing fields that are self explanatory. What they typically miss is how to use the applications in real world environments. Everyone knows the address field is where you put the address and the sale price is where you put the price. That is not the training we provide.

    In Odoo 10 Essentials we show you the Purchase Management workflow and how to solve the most important business requirements. You get tips and tricks on troubleshooting purchasing exceptions and handling common questions that come from using purchase management. Even better... if you need more advanced purchasing videos... just ask. OdooClass produces videos based on subscriber request!