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Inventory Management - Odoo 10 Essentials Community Edition
Introduction: Inventory Management essentials database installation
Creating a receiving stock operation in Odoo's inventory application
Creating a delivery order and printing tickets
Understanding how back orders are handled in Odoo
Creating Reordering rules and procurement exceptions
Handling scrap in Odoo Inventory Management
Inventory adjustments and periodic inventory counts
Managing multiple locations in Odoo
Receiving goods into multiple locations
Performing a warehouse transfer between multiple locations
Managing multiple warehouses in Odoo
Transferring inventory between multiple warehouses
Integrating Sales Management & Inventory Management in Odoo
Placing picking instructions for products on the warehouse pick ticket
Track lots & serial #'s in Odoo
Understanding the basics of routing... examine Odoo's delivery routing
More complex pull rules and routing between multiple internal locations
Creating custom push rule example: handle and track product rentals

Inventory Management - Odoo 10 Essentials Community Edition

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Inventory Management is at the heart of many distribution and manufacturing systems. Odoo 10 provides an easy to use but flexible inventory management system. This course starts with the basics of inventory management and takes you up through important essential topics such as multiple locations, multiple warehouses, and lots. Most importantly there is a special section to explaining the fundamentals of routes and how they automatically create transactions within Odoo.

Video Length:   2:06 Hours
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Understanding the basics of Inventory Management

Like other Odoo Essentials courses, we start you at the very beginning. Learn how to create inventory stock moves for receiving, delivery orders, and internal transfers. Handle product scrap and perform inventory adjustments. Inventory management has never been so simple.


More than the basics... all the essential steps explained in detail

We don't stop at the basics. Odoo 10 Essentials covers multiple locations, multiple warehouses, procurement exceptions, lot & serial number tracking, sales management integration, and most importantly... routing.

Understand routing in Odoo once and for all... routing 101

To really understand Odoo's sales management, purchasing, and manufacturing workflow you must have a strong understanding of Odoo's powerful routing capabilities. We begin by looking at Odoo's procurement or pull rules and examine exactly how they work step-by-step. With detailed explanations and multiple examples understanding routing in Odoo has never been so easy.

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    Understanding Routing and Procurements in Odoo

    In Odoo, a procurement is basically a requirement that needs to be met along with enough information to allow Odoo when it is properly configured to create the necessary transactions to fill the requirement. For example, when a sales order is created it is common to configure Odoo so that Odoo will create a purchase order procurement that create a request for quotation within the purchase management application.

    But there is MUCH MORE! In Odoo 10 Essentials Inventory Management, we will show you how procurements make up many of the common basic transactions you take for granted in Odoo. That delivery order that is created when you confirm a sales order? That is a procurement generated from a pull rule from a routing in the warehouse application! There it is right there in the screen shot!