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Multiple Warehouse Routing & Automated Procurement in Odoo

Multiple Warehouse Routing & Automated Procurement in Odoo

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Often in warehouse management you may need to source products from multiple warehouses. In this video we look at some advanced Odoo warehouse management features that demonstrate how to create automatic procurement moves to streamline stock management.

Video Length:   27 Minutes
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What is the purpose of Multiple Warehouse Routing

In this video we look at a common scenerio in which a company may source product into one location and then at some point transfer that product to another warehouse before it is delivered to the final customer. 

Why would I automate procurement in Odoo?

Once you automate procurement Odoo will automatically create draft purchase orders to buy product or to transfer product from one warehouse to another. Without automated procurement you are left creating purchase order or delivery orders by hand to obtain your product. 

Learn more about advanced warehouse routing configurations

In order basic Odoo videos such as Purchasing In Odoo we have covered the common procurement of creating purchase orders. This video extends on those examples by introducing multiple warehouse routing and how to configure procurements not just for purchasing products from suppliers but also to automate the movement of product.  

What are the pre-requisites for this video?

This is a fairly advanced video that requires you understand the basics of warehouse management and purchasing. Consider the associated videos listed below as more basic material you should watch if you are not familiar with the basics of Odoo warehouse management and purchasing.

What are push & pull rules in Odoo?

Odoo push and pull rules are the mechansims you use to configure movements of products and sub-assemblies through a warehouse for either deliverying product to customers or to supply warehouses or perhaps to supply a manufacturing line with raw product. In this video we see how push & pull rules are automatically created by Odoo to handle some of the more basic transfers between warehouses.

Once you learn how to do basic routing and transfers you are on your way to building complex solutions

Typically many beginning Odoo users and integrators struggle setting up the workflow and processes of their business to map to an ERP system. This video provides an example that shows the basic framework for handling multiple warehouses and how to create the automated moves and purchase orders requirement to move product along through the system. While the example in this video is relatively straight forward with a little creativity the example can be applied to far more complex process flows. 

I'm trying to move product automatically in Odoo but I never get any purchase orders or delivery orders

Part of the purpose of this video is because it can take a little research and practiice to properly configure Odoo to manage your specific business scenerio. Expect to spend some time trying out various configurations and routings to find the solution that works best for you. While it is impossible to know for sure what is wrong without looking at your configuration specfically, there are a few common mistakes people make when setting up multiple locations and warehouses in Odoo.

  • Make sure you run the schedulers. By default Odoo doesn't create any procurements until the scheduler is run. So for example, if you enter a sales order in Odoo and confirm no process is performed to generate any purchase orders or manufacturing orders that are needed to fill that order. Those are created only after the schedulers are run.
  • Double check your reorder rules. If you are not getting a purchase order or a delivery order as expected double check the reorder rules to make sure they are appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish.
  • If you are working with purchase orders make sure you have assigned a supplier to the product. Without a supplier, Odoo will not know how to create a draft purchase order.