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Purchasing in Odoo

Purchasing in Odoo

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Odoo purchasing is a critical application for many implementations. Learn in this video how to begin integrating Odoo purchasing into your business.

Video Length:   92 minutes
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Learning to use purchasing in Odoo 8

In this 90 minute video, we explore the fundamentals of purchasing in Odoo 8. You will learn how to setup suppliers, create purchase orders, and receive product into your warehouse. Later in the video we explore somewhat more advanced topics as we work through one of Odoo's most frequently implemented applications.

Creating a good purchasing system for your business

We begin by first looking at the very basics of purchasing. Explanations on how routings should be configured for the product and how they interact with suppliers and with the warehousing system is a critical focus of this video. Like many videos, we disucss specific business processes and why you may use certain features depending upon various business requirements.

Managing products by supplier and price list integration

Later in the more advanced portions of the Odoo purchase order video you learn how to configure price lists that are specific to suppliers. With Odoo you can specifiy supplier specific product codes, descriptions, minimum quantities and the lead time for that product and supplier. Now you can see exactly how that fits together. Finally we look at quantity price breaks and how they can be figured easily in the product record.