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Odoo Manufacturing - Implementing the MRP application
Introduction: Odoo Manufacturing - Implementing the MRP application
Setting up a bill of materials in Odoo manufacturing
Creating a manufacturing order in Odoo with an assigned bill of material
Creating an incoming receipt for products without the purchasing application
Receiving products into inventory for manufacturing operations
Examining stock moves to determine inventory workflow
Setting up products as stockable instead of consumble for inventory management
Producing and confirming a manufacturing order
Taking a look at routing basics in Odoo manufacturing
Manufacturing with multiple workcenters and routings
Setting up a manufacturing order to route to a specific workcenter
Using alternative work centers with different efficiency and capacity
Odoo order planning and using the calendar to schedule manufacturing orders
Automating and managing the manufacturing of sub-assemblies

Odoo Manufacturing - Implementing the MRP application

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This 1 1/2 hour video is for anyone who wants to learn about the Odoo MRP module or Odoo manufacturing. We see how to create bill of materials, routings, workcenters, and sub-assemblies. Basic tracking of time and costs and scheduling manufacturing orders.

Video Length:   1 1/2 hour
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Learning how to use the Odoo MRP application

One of the key applications many people are interested in is how Odoo can be used to better manage manufacturing environments. In fact, OpenERP or ERP in general is often designed specifically around how to allocate resources and manage efficiency related to manufacturing. If you are wanting to learn how to use Odoo manufacturing this video is for you.

Real world business examples that start out simple

We begin by looking at very simple manufacturing orders using a real world example of how you may begin setting up a boat manufacturing operation using Odoo MRP. We create a simple set of products, you learn how to create a bill of materials and how to then create a manufacturing order that will produce finished goods. Each step is explained and you see exactly how product flows in and out of your warehouse and the use of virtual production locations.

Work Centers, Routings, and sub-assemblies

After the basics are covered we get into the fun stuff. Setting up work centers to track the time required to build the products. We look at how to handle availability, scrap materials, and how using routings and workcenters can allow you to better manage your workflow and track cycles. Finally we get into sub-assemblies in which products you manufacture will be incorporated into your finished products. This video is a full 1 1/2 premium video. More manufacturing videos will be coming soon.

Basic functionality of the Odoo MRP (Manufacture Resource Planning) Application

The primary purpose of the Odoo (formally OpenERP) manufacturing application is to process raw good or sub-assemblies into finished products. Configuring any MRP system requires a strong understanding of current business processes and the software application. In this video start with a simple ERP business manufacturing example, boat manufacturing, that then we can extend to provide more complex examples.

What are bill of materials and how are they used in Odoo Manufacturing?

Any ERP system, open source or not will have a way of managing bill of materials. You can think of the bill of materials as a shopping list of what is required to build a specific product. When you create a manufacturing order to build a product, the Odoo MRP application looks to the bill of materials to determine what exact components are required to complete the operation. Having an accurate bill of materials is critical to having a succesfully implemented ERP manufacutring system. In this video we demonstrate how to create a bill of materials for a product and how that bill of materials is used to create a manufacturing order.

Manufacturing orders in Odoo

A core component of an ERP system is the processing of manufacturing orders. Once you have setup your product and have defined a bill of materials you are ready to begin creating manufacturing orders. Learn how to create a manufacturing order from a bill of materials, check product availability and handle internal transfers. We take a great deal of time in the video explaining how you can manage manufacturing orders with the inventory and either wait for available stock or if needed, force a delivery order through. See how scrap or damaged goods can be accounted for in your consumed goods while still allocating good raw material to the manufacturing order. 

Configuring work centers to track time spent on processes

After we have worked through some simple manufacturing orders, the video goes on to demonstrate how you can configure a production work center that will build your boat. In an ERP system, work centers allow you to create and manage resources related to your workers and the equipment that produce your product. Not only do you get to specify your cycle time, you can also configure setup and tear down time that is required before each work order. Need to understand how workcenters can interact with the bill of materials, perhaps tweak your cycle times. Setting up a work center in Odoo gives you greater visibility into your manufacturing operations. It is essential to the design of any good ERP system.

Using routing in Odoo to send manufacturing orders to the correct work center

Once we have setup our production templates (bill of materials) and have our work centers configured, we can create routings to send our manufacturing orders to the correct work centers for production. In our examples we demonstrate how to configure a routing and then use that routing on work orders. As a business example we create an 'Efficient' work center that has upgraded production capabilities and can produce boats at a greater speed than the standard line. We observe the different in hours and production capacity as work orders flow through Odoo's production system.

Introduction to sub-assemblies

Finally we conclude this 1 1/2 hour video with an introduction to using sub-assemblies in Odoo. We deside to add a dashboard to our boat example in which several more product are required including one that requires multiple quantities. This sub-assembly is then added to our primary bill of materials, demonstrating how you can continue to add more complexity and modify bill of materials for future manufacturing orders.