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Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo - Part 2

Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo - Part 2

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In Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo - Part 2 you learn how properties on line items can be used to create dynamic bill of materials and work orders to get maximum control over manufacturing processes.

Video Length:   52 Minutes
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Learning more about the Odoo manufacturing application

In this video we continue to build on what we learned in our other Odoo manufacturing videos: Odoo Manufacturing implementing the MRP application and Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo part 1. Please review those videos and make sure you understand the basics of Odoo MRP such as creating bill of materials and how to configure a product to automatically create manufacturing orders.

Using properties for dynamic routing and bill of materials

In our Odoo manufacturing example we look at the example of a boat manufacture which must provide alternative processes for domestic delivery vs international export or special certifications that would be required. By configuring properties in manufacturing we are able to route the manufacutring order to the correct work center based on the properties in the sales order. 

Why would I want dynamic bill of materials for my operation?

In many manufacturing operations you have processes that happen based on specific order requirements. Perhaps the order has special packaging? Maybe therre is a special quality assurance process that you put an order through if it is to specific regions? Perhaps you have a 'deluxe finish' that can be added to the final product before it goes out the door? Anytime you need to create dynamic workorders based on qualities of your product, properties will come in handy.

What exactly are properties and how do they relate to Odoo Manufacturing?

Odoo properties are simple 'tags' that you add to line items on sales orders. These properties can be configured into property groups for easier management. These properties are then available to add to sales order line items. In our video example, we created a property group for 'Certifications' that would be available on the boats we use for our example case. Then we create properties for 'International Exports' and for 'CE Certification'. The properities in Odoo can then be tied into routings to specify the bill of material that should be selected when the product is manufactured.

Is this JIT or Just In Time Manufacturing?

Properties and Make To Order systems is one part of an overall Just In Time Manufacturing operation. There are many considerations that go into implementing a smooth manufacturing process in any ERP system. Odoo is no exception. Configuration of your procurement processess, the routing, workcenters, and your bill of materials all work together to create a system that works best for your manufacturing requirements.

Dynamic routings based on line item properties = flexible and easy to configure manufacturing systems

Once you understand these more advanced Odoo manufacturing processes you will be able to configure manufacturing systems that are both flexible and more easy to maintain. Often one of the more complex challenges in designing a manufacturing system or ERP system is that there are always small variables that must be accounted for. Customers like their orders customized. Products are increasingly more customized and there are more variants. To remain competitive you must have ways to easily manage a single product that may have extra steps required for the finished product based on variables. That is the focus of this advanced video. To show you exactly how to use properties to trigger routings and bill of materials dynamically.