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Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo - Part 1

Advanced Manufacturing in Odoo - Part 1

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Implement advanced MRP systems using Odoo. This video builds on the basics learned Odoo Manufacturing.

Video Length:   1:09 hrs
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Learning more advanced MRP concepts in Odoo

In this video we begin to go into much greater detail into how Odoo MRP fits in with the rest of the Odoo business application framework. Specifically, we see how to configure products and sub-assemblies so they can create automatic procurements within Odoo. Confused about how to configure more advanced MRP operations in Odoo? Then this is the video for you.

Complex Manufacturing Scenerios in Odoo

Building on the basics covered in the first Odoo Manufacturing Video, this video starts by integrating Sales Management with the MRP application. After products are properly configured, generating a sales order creates the required manufacturing orders in Odoo. All the time we track orders and learn how to troubleshoot different scenerios when configuring Odoo MRP. 

MRP Integration with Purchasing and automatic procurement

After we automate the creation of manufacturing orders, this video then looks at what it takes to create purchasing requisitions from suppliers. We learn more about setting up re-ordering rules and how to tie suppliers to products. Draft purchase orders are created automatically. By the end of this video you should feel comfortable configuring Odoo MRP with multiple BOM's, automatic purchase order generation, and understand the overall procurment process used in Odoo.

Configure your products for manufacturing

In this video we move beyond basic material setup and focus on how you must configure your products so they can properly create manufacturing orders based on production requirements.

Learn how to tackle harder MRP operations

Just like in the first manufacturing video, in this one we show you step by step what it is like to setup a more complex MRP system with nested bill of materials, automated purchasing, and even creating automatic manufacturing orders.

Get ready for more complex MRP in Part #2

While this video is considered advanced and builds on the basics. We will continue to build on the examples learned and in part 2 will look at complex routing, work centers, and how we can track time and costs in Odoo MRP.

How is this differrent from the Odoo Manufacturing - Implementing the MRP application video?

In the first basic Odoo manufacturing video we cover simple product setup with associated bill of materials. In this video we look at how to integrate the Odoo MRP application with purchasing, sales and more advanced inventory operations. We learn how to create automatic purchase requisitions and see exactly how the transactions flow through the MRP system. We introduce different units of measure and lay the ground work for more advanced manufacturing videos that will include workcenters and integration of human resource management.

Understanding the full workflow between purchasing and manufacturing

In this video one of the primary subjects we tackle is generating procurment requirements from creating purchase orders automatically based on the bill of materials defined within the manufacturing application. While it is certainly possible to configure manufacturing and purchasing independently the real power is in properly configuring purchasing and manufacturing to work together. 

The basic manufacturing workflow

As you can see to the left, the basic manufacturing workflow is very simple. Orders proceed from confirmed to ready, and then into production. At any point along the way, the order can be cancelled. Odoo runs a scheduler that will check each of the manufacturing orders in an attempt to supply the required components for the order. 

When properly configurred, Odoo will then trigger a procurement for those components. This could be a product that is purchased in which case a purchase order is generated. Alternatively, the component could be something that is manufactured internally in which case another manufacturing order will be triggered.

The Purchasing Workflow

As you will see, the purchasing workflow is far more complex. It's not important that you understand how all these pieces fit together but it is important to understand that manufacturing and purchasing have two entirely different workflows. All of the interaction between manufacturing and purchasing is handled by routing. 

In the video, we look at exactly how you configure purchasing and manufacturing to 'talk' with each other. By properly configuring products, the bill of materials, and the suppliers in purchasing you can automate the creation of work orders and purchase orders.