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Using Pricelists in Odoo

Using Pricelists in Odoo

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Learn to use Odoo's price lists to control prices based on quantity purchased, round prices or even configure price lists for different customers.

Video Length:   17 min.
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Take advantage of Odoo's flexible pricelists

In this video we introduce you to price lists in Odoo. With Odoo you can setup price lists for specific products, product attributes, or product categories. Price lists can break on quantities and you can assign different price lists to different customers, giving you full control of your pricing strategy. In this video we give you a step by step walk through on how to create a price list in Odoo.

Quantity price breaks and rounding prices in Odoo

Starting from a clean sales order installation this video walks you through setting up partner price list that provides discounts for quantity breaks of 5, 10, or 20 items purchased on a single sales order. The video then shows you how to apply the price list to the customer and verifies the results by creating a sales order.
We also demonstrate how you can create a rule that will round prices so you can end them in retail friendly dollar amounts such as 95 cents or 99 cents at the end of a given sales price.

Troubleshooting pricelists

There are a few things about price lists that we cover in this video that can help you avoid some pitfalls. One is that you always want to make sure you set up a rule for all quantity breaks. 
That includes setting up a rule for a quantity of zero. If you fail to do this you may receive the error No valid pricelist line found ! :Cannot find a pricelist line matching this product and quantity. You have to change either the product, the quantity or the pricelist.