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Accounting & Finance - Odoo 10 Essentials
Introduction: Accounting & Finance - Odoo 10 Essentials
Installation and setting up the chart of accounts template
Creating a customer invoice and examining the journal entries
Creating a vendor bill and examining the journal entries
Paying customer invoices and crediting accounts receivable
Paying vendor bills and debiting accounts payable
Creating a journal entry for miscellaneous operations... initial shareholder equity
Customize the chart of accounts by creating two income accounts to track sales
Understanding how to setup additional taxes and the related accounts
Use fiscal positions to automatically set taxes based on countries and states
Learn how to use analytic accounts for sales tracking and job costing solutions
Business intelligence and walkthrough of Odoo's standard accounting reports

Accounting & Finance - Odoo 10 Essentials

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Odoo 10's Accounting & Finance application provides a full general ledger, a customizable chart of accounts, and an easy to use double entry accounting system. This video walks through how transactions are posted, the purpose for the various accounts, are real world business examples for taxes, managing product sales in different categories, and using analytic accounting for job costing. If you struggle a bit with accounting this video will help you understand the difference between debits and credits and how Odoo's accounting and finance application works.

Video Length:   1:22 Hours
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Accounting & Finance -  The backbone of any ERP system

Even if you don't install the Accounting & Finance application, Odoo still maintains and manages transactions in the background using default account settings. The best part is that Odoo makes it possible to get up and running with minimal setup. Now you can learn how the accounting and finance application really works!

Would you like to learn more about Accounting in general?

This video has been designed for those that must use Odoo to get things done. That means you need to know what an accounts receivable account is used for. It also means you must be comfortable with some of the basic rules for double entry accounting. In this video we don't get into serious academic accounting practices... but it will help you understand some basic principals.

See how to use accounting with real world examples

Like all of our Odoo videos this is not a typical training video that simply walks you through the menus. Real examples of customer invoices with products, reasons for setting up special tax rates, how to use fiscal positions. With real world examples you will understand exactly how Odoo's accounting & finance application works. This video even makes analytical accounting simple and easy to implement!