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Manufacturing (MRP) - Odoo 10 Essentials

Manufacturing (MRP) - Odoo 10 Essentials

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Learn how to implement Odoo's Manufacturing (MRP) Application. Starting at the beginning from creating a manufacturing order this course takes you through how to setup multi-level bill of materials, work centers, and a variety of automated procurement scenarios.

Video Length:   1:19 Hours
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Getting Started with Odoo's Manufacturing Application

The first part of this course is for those that are new to Odoo's Manufacturing Application and wish to see how to set it up from the very beginning. Within just a few minutes you will have created your first manufacturing order and will learn how you can use the manufacturing application to receive products even if you have not setup the purchasing application.

Learning How to Implement Work Centers and Routing Options

After going through the basics of manufacturing orders the course then introduces you to work centers and routings. Learn how to create bill of materials that can route to specific work centers. We then extend our example to handle multiple operations for a work center routing. After you have completed this segment you will be well on  your way to mastering Odoo's manufacturing application.

Learning how to Automate Odoo Manufacturing Operations

After we have learned how to implement multiple work centers and multiple layer bill of materials we turn our attention to automating the operations. You will learn how to automatically create manufacturing orders from requirements on another manufacturing order. Next you learn how to automatically generate purchase orders based on manufacturing requirements. Finally you learn how to create manufacturing orders based on sales orders.  By the end of this course you will be ready for our more advance MRP videos and inventory routing courses.