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Developing Custom POS Applications in Odoo v10

Developing Custom POS Applications in Odoo v10

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The Odoo Point of Sale (POS) application provides a powerful offline framework that allows you to use the point of sale application even if you are not connected to the Internet. In this video you will learn how to customize an application that integrates with the POS offline functionality. This is a must see video for intermediate to advanced Odoo developers.

Video Length:   26 minutes
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Understanding Odoo's POS Offline Framework

Unlike other Odoo applications the POS (Point of Sale) application has special features and challenges. Most importantly Odoo's POS application can run offline without connection to the Internet. Once a connection is established the POS application will sync the transactions with the server.  We often get asked how you can use Odoo offline. This video will provide you the basic knowledge on how this is done in the POS application.

Extending Odoo's Point of Sale Application - Customization

Because Odoo's Point of Sale application can run offline and can sync transactions to the server the framework can serve as a powerful template for developing and extending your own applications that need to run offline. Serious Odoo developers will want to study this aspect of Odoo's framework and put it in their programming toolkit for a variety of projects.

Learning more... Advanced Odoo Development Topics

This is not a video for beginning Odoo developers. We have many Odoo development videos that are designed to be a tutorial for learning how to develop in Odoo. In order to get the most out of this video you need to already be comfortable building simple Odoo applications. You should understand how to add fields to models and create simple views.  This video focuses on extending the Point of Sale application and assumes you already understand basic Odoo development. 

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    Developing Offline POS Applications in Odoo

    When you are working in retail operations and areas of high traffic you can't afford to have down time. Around the world people have various degrees of access to the Internet. But one thing is for certain, businesses want robust solutions that can function even when the Internet is not available. Odoo POS applications solves this problem and allows you to have a fully functional Point of Sale solution that can continue to run even if your Internet goes down for an extended period of time. Once you reconnect to the Internet, Odoo will sync your transactions automatically.

    Now you can learn how to extended the Odoo POS application with your customization. See how to had fields and records to your application that can work offline and then sync that data back to Odoo. 

    So How Does the Offline Odoo model work?

    Odoo provides a PosModel that contains Odoo's Point of Sale representation of the backend Odoo model. This POS representation must necessarily contain all the models from the Odoo backend. Some examples include taxes, products, categories, configuration options, etc. When the POS application is launched the backend representation is fetched and stored by the PosModel. This loading can be done asynchronously so that the GUI can load while the data models are still being loaded by the framework. 

    In the video we take an example of adding a membership code to the POS front end. This membership code is persisted and follows the offline Odoo model so that the data can be collected and managed without an Internet connection. Once the application has access to the Internet the data is automatically synced with the backend Odoo model.  In later videos we will expand on this functionality and demonstrate how to create more powerful custom POS applications using the Odoo framework.


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