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Importing Products Into Odoo 10

Importing Products Into Odoo 10

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One of the most common sets of data you will find yourself importing into Odoo is product records. This video demonstrates how to import product records into Odoo 10.

Video Length:   58 Minutes
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Importing and Migrating Data into Odoo 10

One of the basic challenges in implementing a new business system is loading in the required data. This means everyone from user records to vendors or perhaps customers. But one of the most common data sets you will end up importing into Odoo will be product information. In this video we see how you go about getting product data into Odoo 10.

 Should I Import or Re-key data into Odoo  

Often times you are faced with a rather tough decision when deciding if you should attempt to import data or it will be more simple to just key the data from scratch. Naturally there is no right or wrong answer and much of it may depend on the quality of the existing data. Typically if you have less than a few dozen records you may not save time by attempting to import data. 

What Do I need to Know to learn from this video

To get the most from this video you should already have a basic understanding of Odoo development and how the models are implemented in the sales application.If you need more help importing data please take a look at the associated videos below. Having multiple options and strategies for importing data can save you a lot of time in implementing Odoo.