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Develop Custom KanBan Widgets in Odoo 9

Develop Custom KanBan Widgets in Odoo 9

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This advanced Odoo Development video demonstrates step by step how to develop custom KanBan widgets in Odoo 9. With custom KanBan widgets you can create powerful user interfaces that go beyond Odoo's built-in UI framework. If you wish to become an advanced Odoo developer or would like to see first hand what it takes to make more advanced custom Odoo interfaces, this video is for you. NOTE: This video is not for beginners and requires a solid understanding of Odoo Development.

Video Length:   2:00 Hours
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Developing Custom KanBan Widgets in Odoo 9

To the right you can see an example of the custom KanBan Widget you will learn to build in this Advanced Odoo Development Video.

If you are an intermediate to advanced Odoo developer looking to build powerful custom interfaces then this is the video that will take your development skills to the next level. 

Powerful Custom Interfaces in Odoo

One of the great things about Odoo's framework is that you can quickly build new models and generic data management interfaces with little or no programming. When you combine Odoo's framework with the Powerful Odoo API it's possible to create responsive user interfaces that integrate seamlessly with other platforms.

This video will show intermediate and advanced Odoo developers how to use Odoo's KanBan framework to create powerful custom Odoo interfaces that are both responsive and interactive.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an advanced Odoo video and not for beginners. OdooClass has many other videos aimed at beginning Odoo developers to help get you ready for this more advanced topic.

Creating Powerful Custom User Interfaces in Odoo

As you move from the basics of building applications in Odoo to more advanced Odoo development, one of the most critical steps is the ability to create custom user interfaces. Fortunately Odoo provides a powerful Kanban framework that allows you to greatly extend the user experience with interactive components. 

Business Requirements Often Demand Custom Interfaces

One of the primary reasons that companies choose Odoo and that more and more developers are using the Odoo platform is the ability to create powerful business applications. Today businesses expect interfaces that are easy to use, responsive and can integrate seemlessly with business processes. This advanced Odoo Development video will show how to create powerful Odoo interfaces.

Time to take your Odoo Development to the Next Level!!

With the largest collection of exclusive Odoo training videos, this advanced Odoo video is designed for Odoo developers who already know the basics and are comfortable making simple Odoo applications. You should understand Odoo views, models, and actions. Please review our the associated videos below and other more basic Odoo videos before you attempt this more advanced Odoo topic.