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Developing Barcode Applications in Odoo 10

Developing Barcode Applications in Odoo 10

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Odoo developers and partners who implement Inventory or Manufacturing operations will often run into situations in which customizing barcode operations will improve operation efficiency. In this video we demonstrate how you can create a custom Odoo barcode application to implement a price kiosk.

Video Length:   34 minutes
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Using Odoo's Barcode Framework

If you are familiar with Odoo development you can get started writing your own custom barcode applications. By using the correct view syntax you can quickly integrate bar codes into any Odoo application.

Creating a Price Kiosk

Often in various department stores it is a great customer service feature to have price kiosks where customers can look up prices. This video uses this practical business example to show you how to build a simple price kiosk.

Integrating Barcode Hardware

Odoo's framework makes it easy to use a variety of barcode scanners. The most common barcode scanner is usually a USB scanner. These can be hooked up to PC's or tablets. 

    How to create custom barcode applications in Odoo

    When you are using a barcode reader scanning a code is much like typing keys on a keyboard. In much the same way a barcode scanner can be used to both trigger an event and enter data. Much like hitting a ctrl key or a function key on your keyboard.
    In order to accomplish this with the Odoo framework we must first setup a listener for the barcode to watch for the barcode event. When that event is triggered we can then send the data from the barcode along to the appropriate function. The video walks you through the code required to setup this kind of barcode functionality.


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