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Creating Applications - Getting Started With Odoo Development v10

Creating Applications - Getting Started With Odoo Development v10

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Go from Zero to Odoo Development hero with the new Getting Started With Odoo Development v10 series. If you are looking to get started with Odoo 10 Development this series of Odoo Class videos is for you. This is the video you are here for, how to create Odoo Applications from the ground up! Nearly 4 1/2 hours of development training!

Video Length:   4:24 Hours
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Learn about Odoo Models

Learn how to build your data model
use the several type of fields like: Char,
Text, Integer, One2Many, Boolean
Many2One, Many2Many 

Build Custom Views in Odoo

Learn how to build back-end views
using Form, Tree, Search. Enhance
the Odoo website Portal with QWeb
and Python controllers 

Debug Your Odoo Code

Learn the tools you can use for debugging
your modules and other possible errors using
Shell Interface and IPython Debugger

Getting Started with Developing in Odoo 10

OdooClass has produced developer training videos going back all the way to OpenERP 7. Over the years we have continued to offer the very best in Odoo video training for developers. After more than 130 videos we are now excited to announce an all new comprehensive series of Odoo Development training specifically for Odoo 10.  Starting from the very beginning learn how to become an experienced Odoo Developer from the team that pioneered Odoo developer training.

Creating Custom Applications in Odoo Version 10

If you are looking to develop custom Odoo applications and you are a new Odoo developer or an Odoo developer who wants to learn more about how Odoo applications fit together, this is the video for you. Odoo expert and instructor Diogo Duarte takes you from the very beginning step-by-step how to build a functional Odoo Applcation. Understand the Odoo framework and begin creating powerful custom Odoo applications.

Now is the Best Time To Become an Odoo Developer

Odoo continues to shine as the #1 open source business accounting framework. With that the demand for experienced Odoo developers and partners is skyrocketing.  Experienced Odoo Developers are some of the most sought after technology professionals for good reason. Odoo solves business problems. When Odoo is in the hands of an experienced developer you don't just solve problems... you revolutionize business and industry.