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Create a Custom Contact form in Odoo

Create a Custom Contact form in Odoo

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Odoo provides a powerful out of the box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. In this video you will learn how we customized the Odoo contact form on OdooClass that integrates with Odoo's lead processing system.

Video Length:   11 Minutes
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A real world example of customizing Odoo CRM

This is another Odoo development example that was driven by real world business requirements. OdooClass receives a variety of requests that cover similar topics. See how we customize the contact form here on OdooClass to allow users to select from a set of topics making it easier to organize the correspondence.

A simple example teaches valuable Odoo Development skills

While this is a short video it touches on topics that are sometime elusive to a new Odoo developer. In this example you learn how to create a custom CSS file that is used to handle hiding and showing the subject of the contact form. In addition you learn some simple Javascript skills that will be valuable in controlling website behavior. This demonstrates how a little bit of Javascript can make a big difference in user experience.

Learning how to leverage the Odoo Framework

While making a contact form is rather easy it is important as an Odoo developer that you understand the incredible functionality the Odoo framework provides you. Rather than building applications and modules from scratch there is nearly always an existing Odoo application or module that will give you a big heard start on any project you wish to tackle. 

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    Learning how to customize qWeb templates

    Odoo's model, view, controller design allows the experienced Odoo developer the ability to create custom modules that extend existing functionality. Sometimes referred to as inheritence the Odoo framework allows you to extend any application at any layer of the framework. 

    In some examples we may decide to add new fields or entire tables to extend the functionality of an application. This would be inheritience at the model level and gives you as a developer an easy way to build on existing models with your own customization.

    Here in this video we see how we can leverage existing models and integrate them with our own custom views created in qWeb. This XML markup allows you to create powerful dynamic interfaces that work on a variety of devices including tablets and mobile phones.

    We see how in the example that we have added a subject selector to our custom contact form. Now users can pick from different options. All of this was done without changing any of the existing code in Odoo. This makes it easy to extend Odoo without the risk of your changes being over-written when Odoo is updated.