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Understanding the Odoo Framework - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 2
Introduction: Understanding the Odoo Framework using Odoo Developer mode
Starting and stopping the Odoo server
Creating our example database and discussion of Odoo customization
Understanding Odoo models and using Odoo developer (debug) mode
Examining fields and model specifications using Odoo developer mode
Examining the full list of available models within the current Odoo database
More about Odoo models
Learn to backup and restore your Odoo database
Adding a custom field to an Odoo model using developer mode
Understanding and modifying Odoo views using developer mode
Add custom fields to treeviews and learn to position fields in views
Learn about Odoo actions and how they work with models and views
Learn how actions, models, and views fit together to create Odoo applications
Learn how to customize Odoo search views
Creating a custom menu and action in Odoo

Understanding the Odoo Framework - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 2

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Mastering Odoo Development: Understanding the Odoo Framework - Section 2

If you are looking to learn how to develop in Odoo 9, this is the video course for you. In this section we use Odoo 9's powerful debug mode to examine and understand the Odoo Framework. You will learn about Odoo models and how they are used to store all the data within Odoo applications. You will uncover the power of views and how they interact with models to display information to users. Learn to customize Odoo by adding fields and modifying views. Even learn to create custom searches, custom menus and actions. Your journey to learn Odoo Development starts with understanding the Odoo Framework.

Video Length:   1:40 Hours
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Do you want to learn to be an Odoo Developer?

Here at Odoo Class we have produced over 140 Odoo videos across a wide range of topics. From installing Odoo, developing for Odoo, or integrating all the various Odoo applications, here at Odoo Class we continue to strive and make videos that help our subscribers get the most out of Odoo.

Taking what we have learned from developer videos on Odoo 7, Odoo 8, and now Odoo 9 & 10... we have created the new Mastering Odoo 9 Development course designed to cover all the important fundamentals of developing Odoo applications. 

In this second section we begin looking at how the Odoo framework is put together. We start by covering Odoo models and explaining how they hold all the data that you see within Odoo applications. After you understand the basics of models we take a look at Odoo views. Odoo views are what allow users to interact with information within Odoo. In this video you learn how Odoo is put together so that you can begin understanding what is required to make your own Odoo applications. Even better, you learn how to customize Odoo using the debug mode to add your own fields, modify views... even create your own custom menus and actions.

Understanding the Odoo Framework - Models

The foundation of all Odoo applications are models. These models hold all the data you see in your Odoo applications from the customers, products, sales orders...everything is stored in models. We begin our exploration of the Odoo framework by examining Odoo models and how they can be extended with your own custom fields. 

Learning the Odoo Framework using the debug mode. To be a successful Odoo developer you must understand the main components of the Odoo Framework. That is why we begin with the Odoo 9 debug mode to explore the Odoo framework starting with models and then moving on to other aspects of the framework including views, actions, and menus.

Understanding Odoo Views and Actions

After we learn how Odoo models make up the backbone of Odoo applications we then explore how Odoo Views make up the visual aspect of Odoo applications. By customizing Odoo views you extend existing Odoo applications as well as create your own views to display any information you wish to your user.  

In this video you learn how to customize views on the fly without creating an Odoo application. This can be very valuable for learning how the Odoo framework fits together as well as how you can use the Odoo debug mode to prototype changes to your models and views. By the time you complete this video you will have a good understanding of how models and views work together with actions to create many of the applications in Odoo. The goal of this video is to lay the foundation you will need to begin creating your own Odoo applications.

Why should I choose Mastering Odoo 9 Development?

First of all this course is comprehensive. Never used Ubuntu or written an Odoo application before? Not a problem. We start at the very beginning from setting up Odoo to creating your first Odoo application from scratch. We even include an Odoo Python Primer to help introduce you to the very basics of Odoo Development. As an Odoo Class Subscriber Mastering Odoo 9 Development is your foundation course for understanding more advanced Odoo Development videos. If you are new to Odoo Development, this is the first course you will want to watch.

Understanding Odoo Class Master Courses

With this new course we will be better identifying our more important video courses that we release on Odoo Class. These courses are foundation courses that have many hours of content to teach you the fundamentals of Odoo. Like our Odoo 9 Essentials course, this course provides you the fundamentals you need for developing Odoo 9 Applications. Future Odoo developer videos and courses will build on these essential Odoo developer topics.

Get Started Learning to Develop Odoo Applications

The entire purpose of this video course is to give you everything you need to get started developing applications in Odoo. Even if you don't have Odoo running on your computer... we have you covered and show you how to install a virtual Ubuntu Desktop right on your Windows machine. See step by step how to install Odoo with source code from git hub. See behind the scenes of the Odoo application and peek into how the Odoo framework fits together.