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Odoo Python Primer - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 4
Introduction: The Odoo Python Primer... Learn the Python you need for Odoo
Learning our first Python commands: Comments, print, strings, variables, if statements
Importing libraries and basic loops
Creating and looping through lists in Python
Exercise: Create your own list of toys and print them to the console
Understanding the basics of Python dictionaries
Creating custom methods to organize your Python code

Odoo Python Primer - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 4

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Section 4: Don't know Python but want too build Odoo applications? This Odoo Python Primer is designed for those who may know little or nothing about Python. Learn the basics of Python and how to create variables, import libraries and the basics of IF and FOR loops. See how Python dictionaries allow you to organize information and how to create your own custom methods to better organize your code. While this video will not make you a Python expert it will provide you the basics that you need to begin learning how to develop your own Odoo applications.

Video Length:   49 minutes
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Do you want to learn to be an Odoo Developer?

Here at Odoo Class we have produced over 90 Odoo videos across a wide range of topics. From installing Odoo, developing for Odoo, or integrating all the various Odoo applications, here at Odoo Class we continue to strive and make videos that help our subscribers get the most out of Odoo.

Taking what we have learned from developer videos on Odoo 7, Odoo 8, and now Odoo 9... we have created the new Mastering Odoo 9 Development course designed to cover all the important fundamentals of developing Odoo applications. 

In this fourth section we have created a basic set of Python tutorials that will help you get started with Python. Even if you have never programmed before you can learn to develop Odoo applications. This video is for those who are brand new to Python or perhaps programming in general. 

Odoo Python Primer - The basics of Python

While there are many Python tutorials out there, we felt that Mastering Odoo 9 Development would not be complete without a basic Python tutorial to help those who are new to Python or perhaps Python programming in general. One advantage of this tutorial is it build on the Odoo environment we already setup. We show you right away how to make a simple Python tutorial script that you can use to test out ideas. 

What are some of the Odoo Development topics covered? We begin will simple 'Hello World' exercises to print information out to the console. Next we move on to simple variables and how to import libraries and reference them from Python code. 

Learning about Python Lists and Dictionaries

Naturally we cover simple IF statements as well as basic loops. Later in the video we move on to lists and the basics of Python Dictionaries.

As we work through more advanced Odoo Development in later sections you will often come across Python data structures that are more complex than simple variables. Therefore in this Python Primer we make a special effort to introduce you to the basics of Python Lists and Dictionaries.

As we work through the tutorials there will be times where we will challenge you to make your own sets and lists in Python and then use what you have learned about loops to print them out. Make sure you take time to 'play' with Python and make little simple programs that help you practice what you have learned in the video. 

We close the section by seeing how to create our own custom methods in Python. If you are brand new to Python and are following along with this course, this will help you get basic Python knowledge. Make sure of course to check out many of the other Python tutorials available. 

Why should I choose Mastering Odoo 9 Development?

First of all this course is comprehensive. Never used Ubuntu or written an Odoo application before? Not a problem. We start at the very beginning from setting up Odoo to creating your first Odoo application from scratch. We even include an Odoo Python Primer to help introduce you to the very basics of Odoo Development. As an Odoo Class Subscriber Mastering Odoo 9 Development is your foundation course for understanding more advanced Odoo Development videos. If you are new to Odoo Development, this is the first course you will want to watch.

Understanding Odoo Class Master Courses

With this new course we will be better identifying our more important video courses that we release on Odoo Class. These courses are foundation courses that have many hours of content to teach you the fundamentals of Odoo. Like our Odoo 9 Essentials course, this course provides you the fundamentals you need for developing Odoo 9 Applications. Future Odoo developer videos and courses will build on these essential Odoo developer topics.

Get Started Learning to Develop Odoo Applications

The entire purpose of this video course is to give you everything you need to get started developing applications in Odoo. Even if you don't have Odoo running on your computer... we have you covered and show you how to install a virtual Ubuntu Desktop right on your Windows machine. See step by step how to install Odoo with source code from git hub. See behind the scenes of the Odoo application and peek into how the Odoo framework fits together.