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Expanding Your Odoo Application - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 7
Introduction: Expanding your Odoo Application with new developer techniques
Adding two new related models to our custom Odoo application
Exercise: Create a new menu and action for your new models
Using view inheritance to add a page to your notebook
Using ir.model.access.csv to configure model security in Odoo
Adding a related field to your model
Creating a computed field with more complex calculations
Learn to use the OnChange decorator to create powerful dynamic applications

Expanding Your Odoo Application - Mastering Odoo 9 Development Part 7

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Section 7: In this section we continue to explore some of the most powerful aspects of the Odoo framework. We begin by continuing to build up your understanding of related models and how to tie them in to existing Odoo applications. Then we explore the power of view inheritance by inserting a new page into the notebook on the product form. Finally we continue exploring the power of computed fields and how we can use the OnChange decorator to create dynamic applications.

Video Length:   1:17 Hours
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Mastering Essential Odoo Development Skills

In this section we begin to really make the transition from getting by in Odoo Development to mastering the primary skills you will need to begin building robust Odoo applications. Will there still be more to learn after this video? Of course there will. What is important is you will have a strong foundation that will prepare you for more advanced Odoo Class courses on Odoo Development.

This video begins with reinforcing the critical skill of building your own Odoo models. 

Configuring the Security for your New Models

By default when you add a new Odoo model to your application it will only be accessible by the Administration user. When you start your server you will receive warning messages that your models recommending you add ir.model.access entries for your models. 

In this video we learn how you can examine existing Odoo source to learn the syntax required for these records then create default security entries for your New Models.

Learning more about View Inheritance in Odoo

One of the primary features in Odoo is that you can customize Odoo applications in dramatic ways without changing a single line of the Odoo base source code. In fact, in this video course we never change a single line of the Odoo source. 

Much of the ability to do this comes through the power of view inheritance. Already we have used view inheritance in previous lectures to add and position fields within form and tree views. In this video we make our application even more powerful by adding a page to the notebook in the product view along with our own custom tree view to both display and edit the data within our models.

At this point in the course you have had more than just a reference for building Odoo applications. You should now have enough repetition of the basics that you can feel comfortable creating your own models, views, and begin developing powerful applications.

Creating Dynamic Applications with OnChange

Odoo took a big step forward with the Odoo 8 API.  Largely unchanged in Odoo 9, the new API provides you a powerful way to create powerful dynamic applications with very little coding. 

This video section concludes by taking a look at the OnChange decorator. You will learn how within your model you can respond to data that changes within your application without ever touching a single line of code in your views or user interface.  

At the conclusion of this session you will have the fundamentals to begin watching many of the Odoo Class Videos designated as "Advanced". You will also have the skills you need to look through the Odoo Source Code to solve your own Odoo Development challenges. Please send your video suggestions to [email protected] for future Odoo Development topics.

Why should I choose Mastering Odoo 9 Development?

First of all this course is comprehensive. Never used Ubuntu or written an Odoo application before? Not a problem. We start at the very beginning from setting up Odoo to creating your first Odoo application from scratch. We even include an Odoo Python Primer to help introduce you to the very basics of Odoo Development. As an Odoo Class Subscriber Mastering Odoo 9 Development is your foundation course for understanding more advanced Odoo Development videos. If you are new to Odoo Development, this is the first course you will want to watch.

Understanding Odoo Class Master Courses

With this new course we will be better identifying our more important video courses that we release on Odoo Class. These courses are foundation courses that have many hours of content to teach you the fundamentals of Odoo. Like our Odoo 9 Essentials course, this course provides you the fundamentals you need for developing Odoo 9 Applications. Future Odoo developer videos and courses will build on these essential Odoo developer topics.

Get Started Learning to Develop Odoo Applications

The entire purpose of this video course is to give you everything you need to get started developing applications in Odoo. Even if you don't have Odoo running on your computer... we have you covered and show you how to install a virtual Ubuntu Desktop right on your Windows machine. See step by step how to install Odoo with source code from git hub. See behind the scenes of the Odoo application and peek into how the Odoo framework fits together.