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Odoo CRM - Setting up a Complete Sales Pipeline

Odoo CRM - Setting up a Complete Sales Pipeline

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This 1 1/2 hour video is for anyone who wants to learn how to setup Odoo CRM to manage a compete sales pipeline including scheduling, custom stages, and multiple sales teams.

Video Length:   1 1/2 hour
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Odoo CRM - Full Length Video

This full 1 1/2 hour Odoo CRM video walks through a full example of how to create a sales pipeline in Odoo CRM. You learn first how to create leads, assign a salesperson and how to convert them into opportunties. While this video does move somewhat quickly assuming that subscribers will have access to Odoo Essentials, this is a self contained Odoo CRM video that can be purchased separately or included free with any Odoo Class subscription.

Real world business examples that start out simple

Like the approach we have taken with many other videos we start out with a very simple example and most of the advanced CRM features turned off. As we move through our real world example we continue to add new complexities such as scheduling meetings, adding custom stages, and managing multiple sales teams.

Developing a CRM pipeline and workflow for your business

Throughout the CRM video we look for opportunities to demonstrate examples of how Odoo CRM can be used in a variety of CRM scenerios. While Odoo CRM provides a lot of great features it can take some experience with software to know how to configure it for specific business requirements. This video focuses on what those requirements may look like and how you can help fit Odoo CRM to accomplish most any customer management task.

Basic functionality of the Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Application

Odoo offers a powerful CRM application that is quite flexible and get be configured to handle a variety of tasks. In this 1 1/2 hour video we cover the basics of Odoo CRM, creating leads and how to configure Odoo to handle basic CRM requirements.

Setting up Sales Representatives

Odoo CRM allows you to configure an unlimited number of sales representatives, define their access privilidges and assign them to your leads. Here you will learn exactly how to change sales people and determine if they have management premissions or are restricted to only seeing their own leads.

Define custom sales stages for your CRM pipeline

One of the most powerful features of Odoo CRM is the ability to define your own custom stage pipeline. If you need extra steps or qualifications in for your specific business requirements no problem, it is easy to add and organize stages in Odoo. We see how to set probability by stage and re-sequence sages to fit the needs of your business.

Schedule Meetings using Odoo's calendar features

Learn how to schedule meetings and associate them with the opportunities you have in Odoo CRM. See some of the limitations on deadline dates and how they integrate with Odoo meetings. Learn tips and tricks how you can manage these limitations and setup defined business controls and procedures to assist in making Odoo CRM work for you.

Powerful journal and logging features of CRM steps

Odoo allows you to attach unlimited notes and messages to your opportunities and your meetings. Even better, Odoo automatically tracks changes as opportunities move through changes, have their probability changed, or any modifications to estimated revenue.

Real CRM solutions to real business problems

This video is designed to show you how to use the CRM application to get things done. The goal is to teach you how you can configure your own sales pipeline in Odoo CRM. By the end of the video you should feel comfortable not just setting up and creating leads or opportunities in Odoo. You will know how to define your own custom stages and move opportunities through your own custom pipeline. We show you a few of the common problems that will trip you up in using Odoo for meetings and deadlines... but we also show you how to work around them and make the best of the CRM application. This solution based approach can be applied to your own Odoo CRM solution.