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Connect Odoo with PHP Based Systems
Where to find documentation for xml-rpc API
Setting up your testing environment
Using the PHP ripcord library
Doing first connection test to get server version
Doing a search and a read on the res.partner model
Knowing where to find field names and model names inside Odoo
Debugging your PHP xml-rpc calls on the Odoo server side

Connect Odoo with PHP Based Systems

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In this video you will learn how to connect from PHP based systems like Wordpress, Magento , Concrete5, Joomla, and any other PHP based system to Odoo. Create transactions, search for records, or call methods within Odoo from PHP using XML-RPC.

Video Length:   13:45 Minutes
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Using XML-RPC to Integrate Odoo with PHP based Systems

Often times it can be of great value to integrate Odoo with other systems. For example, while Odoo has a powerful content manager there is still a big demand for WordPress websites due to the many templates available and web designers who are experienced with those tools. Using XML-RPC you can integrate with WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more allowing you more options in how you implement Odoo.


Odoo's API allows full access to CRUD Methods

In this video you will learn to use Odoo's API directly from PHP with full access to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete/Unlink) methods. For example using the read methods you can pull data from Odoo to update a WordPress page with live transaction data. Using the update method you could allow a Joomla or Magento website to approve a quote in Odoo. The options for integrating Odoo are limitless once you understand the API.

Solving Real World Business Problems With Odoo

More times than not Odoo will come into businesses that already have some existing software platforms.  This could be Quickbooks for Payroll, a well established Magento website for eCommerce, or a custom PHP based application that handles lead processing.  Even in the best of circumstances business-to-business solutions will often require integration. Understanding how Odoo can integrate with existing systems can offer you more options in transitioning a business to Odoo.