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Automate emails with attachments in Odoo
Introduction: How to automate emails with attachments in Odoo
Create a mail.template record for the email
Examine send_mail method that Odoo provides to send emails
Send email to one destination using send_mail method
Work with email queue manager
Send email to multiple destinations using send_mail method
Send email to one destination with attachments
Send email to one destination with a report in the attachments

Automate emails with attachments in Odoo

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In this video we are going to demonstrate how you can send emails in Odoo. We will start by creating a mail template record, and send this email for just one destination. We will then check how we can send the same email but for multiple destinations. You will also going to learn multiple options that we could use to send an email by examining closely the send_mail method that Odoo already provides. We will take a brief look in the email scheduler in case you need to schedule your emails instead of sending them immediately, this is sometimes useful so you can process something very quickly and if sending the email is not a priority.

Video Length:   36 Minutes
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Learn how to automatically send emails from Odoo

Odoo provides a powerful communication framework that allows you to create automated emails. This video begins with teaching you how to create an email template and send an email on to a single recipient.

Sending emails to multiple destinations using send_mail

After you get through the basics you will learn more of the advanced features of the send_mail methods. Learn how to send emails to multiple destinations and configure other options to get more control over automating your email.

Attaching files to emails automatically and scheduling

Often times when creating more complex integrations you will need to attach files and documents to your emails. While this is often a trivial process when done interactively this video demonstrates how a developer can use Python to automatically attach documents to an email and then send that email to any number of recipients.