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Automate CRM SMTP Emails and Video Playlists
Introduction - Receive Emails, Automated Actions, & Video Play Lists
Sending automated emails based on new leads
Using FakeSMTP to test Odoo email automation during development
Examining the code to automate emails and inheriting from crm.lead
Override the add_followers method wizard to add a follower to the lead
Automated actions for creating users from CRM leads
Creating an affiliate code and customer through automated actions
Developing the web video playlist that you are using right now!

Automate CRM SMTP Emails and Video Playlists

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Here we continue to our Building OdooClass Series by demonstrating how we have upgraded OdooClass to offer automated SMTP email solutions and a video playlist that allows you to easily jump to important places with OdooClass videos. For Odoo Developers who want to see how real Odoo applications are written and deployed this is a must watch video series.

Video Length:   40 minutes
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Automating CRM - Generating SMTP Emails in Odoo

One of the most powerful features of the Odoo business application framework is integrated communication. For CRM applications this often means corresponding to customers through email. While there is a lot of out-of-the-box functionality often times there are many advantages to sending out emails automatically. For example if someone fills out contact form on OdooClass, we would like to have an automatic email reply letting you know we received your request as well as emails to someone at OdooClass so they can follow up.

Integrating with Odoo's openchatter messaging 

Since Odoo version 8 there have been powerful messaging features that are integrated into all appropriate Odoo modules. Using social media style conventions you can follow customers, sales orders, and any other critical documents and receive email updated. In this Building OdooClass Series see how to leverage this framework to quickly automate your CRM applications to send out automated emails. 

Improving OdooClass with Video Playlists and Topics

Since the beginning OdooClass has used Odoo's CMS and eCommerce tools to deliver our paid video subscriptions. Over time we have added features to make and have started sharing the development details of these upgrades. Now we are happy to announce that we have video playlists that allow you to jump to topics we can configure within the Odoo product form. This is a perfect example of how Odoo can be extended by an experienced Odoo Developer in ways most people would never imagine. 

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    Building Odoo Class Series

    In this video we are going to learn how we can automatically send an email every time we receive a new lead that comes from the website.

    We are also going to talk about some automated actions we have implemented in OdooClass to help us reset the password of our customers and how we can create a new affiliate user by just clicking into a button.

    Finally, we are also going to show you how we implemented the new playlist functionality in videos so you can go back and forward in time for specific topics while you are watching your favorite videos in OdooClass.