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Create Product Bundles and Advanced URL Routing
Introduction: Creating product bundles
Using a custom boolean field to configure a product as a bundle
Examining the code behind the product bundles
Developing specialized user dashboard for affiliate users
Custom user links to track commissions on products
Using clipboard.js to copy text fields to the users clipboard
Examining the code for affiliate dashboard
Coding for the URL handling and routing using @http.route
Advanced URL handling and working with proxy hosts

Create Product Bundles and Advanced URL Routing

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This video continues to Building OdooClass developer series in which we add the ability to create product (video) bundles to Odoo's eCommerce product page as well as more advanced URL routing that is used to create the product links for the OdooClass affiliate program.

Video Length:   14 minutes
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Customizing Odoo eCommerce to handle product bundles

As part of the continued enhancements we are adding to we are now including the ability to sell multiple videos together as part of a bundle. So for example we will be able to create a "Odoo Developer Starter Package" that would group together several of our entry-level Odoo developer videos that could be purchased for one price. This Building Odoo Class Series video demonstrates the required changes to the Odoo product models and eCommerce shop pages to implement this kind of functionality.

Developing a Full Featured Content Delivery Platform 

With each feature added in this Building Odoo Class Series, OdooClass moves towards a full-featured content delivery platform. This segment we focus on bundling products for sale on the eCommerce shop page on Odoo as well as the back end security required to unlock all the videos for viewing and downloading by those who have purchased the products. If you are interested in customizing eCommerce applications in Odoo, this Odoo development video will be a good place to get started.

Building out web applications and eCommerce Solutions

One of the great things about this Building Odoo Class series is you get to see real Odoo development in action. With each new video you will get to see behind the scenes how OdooClass uses Odoo to deliver a customized user experience that continues to add features and enhancements.  As you will see we don't just teach Odoo development... we use Odoo for real eCommerce solutions and extend Odoo based on real world business requirements. Check back as we continue to add more videos to the Building OdooClass Series.