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Creating an Affiliate Program in Odoo - Part 2
Introduction: Developing a website controller
Handling URL redirects and creating using sessions
Create dynamic custom paypal parameter to hold affiliate code
Develop a new website controller inheriting from
Extracting the affiliate code from URL parameters
Tracking and reporting web traffic ip address and affiliate results
Creating web templates for the portal layouts
Using xpath to override the website.portal class
Extending the dashboard to handle the display of affiliate banners

Creating an Affiliate Program in Odoo - Part 2

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This video continues the Building OdooClass series by demonstrating important Odoo developer concepts such as URL routing, qweb templates, sessions, cookies, and Odoo web controllers.

Video Length:   27 minutes
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The Building Odoo Class Development Series

OdooClass doesn't just provide the most comprehensive library of Odoo training videos and tutorials. From the very beginning OdooClass has used Odoo to create the entire website, content management, and video subscription services. With this developer series we reveal how Odoo development meets real world eCommerce solutions.

Dynamic Web Applications created entirely in Odoo

Odoo is a very unique business platform in that it doesn't just offer full featured ERP/Business Accounting it also provides a robust web framework that can be used to create powerful dynamic applications. In this video see first hand how you can use Odoo web controller, URL routing, and create cookie sessions to track affiliate commissions.

Real world Odoo Development for real eCommerce solutions

While we always try to create Odoo tutorials that would be applicable to business requirements the building Odoo Class series does not contain contrived Odoo examples of solutions but instead... real solutions that OdooClass uses to improve the usability and functionality for our customers. This will be an ongoing series as we have many new features we plan to add to