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Create an Odoo web page using a HTTP web controller

Create an Odoo web page using a HTTP web controller

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Learn to build your own dynamic web applications in Odoo. This is Part 1 of a two part series.- Behind Odoo 8's powerful website builder is a flexible web controller that allows you to build powerful dynamic web applications.

Video Length:   18 minutes
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Building a web page with Odoo from the ground up

If you are an Odoo developer who wishes to learn the fundamentals of building an Odoo web page from the ground up, this video is for you.  This video jumps right in with creating a simple Odoo module and then how to write a simple HTTP controller. In under 20 minutes, you can learn exactly how to use Odoo to make web pages and use existing OpenERP or Odoo development skills to make them dynamic.

Odoo's powerful new website tools and the HTTP controller

In previous Odoo Class videos we took a look at the tremendous power available with qweb templates, bootstrap themes and how you can make changes to existing web pages inside of Odoo. Another video covers making changes to reports. But what if you want to build your own dynamic web page from the ground up? How do you make a web controller that can respond to any HTTP request and output exactly the results you wish? This video shows you how you can respond to HTTP requests and setup your own custom routings and pages.

A foundation for learning how to develop Odoo web applications

On OpenERP / Odoo developer volume one and two we cover a lot of ground on how you can extend OpenERP / Odoo modules and use a variety of methods to create dynamic Odoo applications. In Odoo 8, a great deal of new functionality has been added for building web applications. We have covered qweb template, and reporting in other videos so you can learn to modify Odoo to your needs. In this video we begin building a foundation to create more robust dynamic web applications. In future videos we will extend on this basic web controller design to consume parameters, manage user sessions, and create interactive web components.