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Build Dynamic Web pages with Odoo - HTTP web controllers part 2

Build Dynamic Web pages with Odoo - HTTP web controllers part 2

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Learn to build your own dynamic web applications in Odoo. This is Part 2 of a two part series.- Behind Odoo 8's powerful website builder is a flexible web controller that allows you to build powerful dynamic web applications.

Video Length:   25 minutes
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Learning to build dynamic web pages with Odoo

In the first http web controller video, we learned how to build a simple web Odoo module that could handle HTTP requests. In other words, we learned how to build simple web pages using Odoo from the ground up. In part 2, we extend that knowledge to create dynamic web pages using qweb templates instead of writing our HTML code instead of the python controller file.

The building blocks of powerful Odoo website applications

If you are looking to create your own Odoo website appications, web pages, or interactive business applications then understanding this video will help get you started. After we get our website template up and running we provide a simple example of how a python directory can be passed to a template.

Accessing Odoo models and data to build dynamic web pages

After we work through hooking in web templates and displaying dynamic web pages using Qweb, the video goes on to show how to integrate directly with Odoo models. This is where the real power comes in. For our example we pull data directly from the product tables for our video example and learn how we can over-ride access permissions to allow annonymous web users to view simple product information such as name and description.