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Advanced Data Import into Odoo Using Python Dictionaries

Advanced Data Import into Odoo Using Python Dictionaries

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Perhaps one of the most critical Odoo development skills is the ability to import data into Odoo and integrate Odoo with other systems. This video helps address limitations of the standard Odoo data import process and import data into multiple Odoo models.

Video Length:   51 Minutes
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How Do I Import Data from Other Systems Into Odoo?

One of the most often asked questions we receive in Odoo workshops or Odoo consulting sessions is how to import data from other systems into Odoo. While Odoo offers a basic import feature it can be quite difficult to import multiple sets of data and related data into multiple Odoo models unless you know some special techniques. If you need to do some advanced data integration or importing data into Odoo, this video will help answer some of the questions you may have.

Importing Data from Multiple Tables / Models into Odoo

One of the challenges when importing data through the Odoo import wizard is expects data to be related by key values. For example in order to import sales orders you must first import all your products. But before you can import all your products, you must import all the vendors, the unit of measures. Tying imported data together within Odoo can be a great challenge if you don't have experience with Python dictionaries and how they can be used to import data into Odoo.

 Becoming an Expert at Importing Data Into Odoo

Depending on the scope of the project and requirements bringing data from other systems in Odoo can be a significant part of the implementation process. Having a complete set of skills as an Odoo developer to import data into Odoo is an essential requirement on your road to becoming a better Odoo developer.


Every ERP and Accounting system has its own framework and data dictionary. Still, importing data from Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, SAP, or even Oracle requires the same basic techniques. Knowing how to adapt your import routines to import data from other resources is critical to many Odoo implementations. This is a relatively advanced video and assumes that you already understand basic Odoo development.