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Advanced Odoo Connectivity - SQL Server
Introduction: Advanced data integration with Odoo and SQL Server
Installing python 2.7 libraries in Windows and Windows Python Tools
Importing the Win32com.client library and xmlrpclib for Odoo
Testing our connections to the Odoo and external database connectivity
Using the search_read to access record sets in Odoo
Installing the external database test data AdventureWorks
Using an ADODB.Connection to access SQL Server databases from Python
Using ADO record sets to easily access remote SQL data in realtime
Creating records in Odoo in real-time from remote records in MS SQL Server
Develop strategies for syncing Odoo data with a remote SQL Server
Potential use cases for integrating remote systems with Odoo

Advanced Odoo Connectivity - SQL Server

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This video explores advanced Odoo Connectivity using the Odoo API and Win32 libraries to connect directly to SQL Server databases. If you plan to migrate systems to Odoo the ability to easily import and sync data with legacy systems is vital. In this video you learn how to connect to a SQL Server database and then import that data into a running Odoo instance. This video is for those who have already completed Mastering Odoo 9 Development - Technical Fundamentals.

Video Length:   1:05 Hours
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Integrating Odoo - Importing and Synchronizing Data

There are a lot of compelling reasons to have the ability to integrate Odoo with other systems. First and foremost it provides a skilled integrator with the ability to seamlessly integrate Odoo into enterprise environments with a variety of legacy systems. It provides you great flexibility in importing and syncing critical data with Odoo.

What databases can Odoo connect with?

The best news is that you can connect to practically any database with Odoo. In this video we use a powerful library that allows you to not just connect to remote databases but also provides easy to use record set utilities for navigating the data. This avoids having to handle messy CSV files and write code that can be quite difficult to read without lots of commenting.

Who is this video for and what do I need to know?

This is an advanced Odoo video aimed at Odoo integrators and developers that wish to connect Odoo with legacy systems or migrate other systems into Odoo. It's for those who need more power and flexibility than the simple CSV file import provides. To get the most out of this Odoo course you must already understand the basics of Odoo's XML-RPC API and how to write basic python code.