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Learn to Build Interface Extensions and Widgets in Odoo

Learn to Build Interface Extensions and Widgets in Odoo

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This advanced Odoo development video follows the Odoo tutorial for Building Interface Extensions. Along the way learn important development techniques and tips on creating your own custom widgets in Odoo. If you're looking to extend and customize Odoo all the way to the front end interface elements, this development tutorial is a good place to start. Make sure you are already comfortable with basic Odoo Development for attempting this video tutorial.

Video Length:   1:17 Hours
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Learn to Create Custom Odoo Widgets 

Odoo's powerful framework allows you to create custom widgets to extend the Odoo interface. This is the ultimate in customizing Odoo.

Like many of our videos, this video was a requested video from an subscriber. The goal is to provide Odoo developers and those that implement Odoo the information they need.

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    Why would I want to learn how to create custom Odoo Widgets?

    Odoo's framework already provides a great number of functional controls that allow you to create forms, graphs, reports, and dashboards. Sometimes however there are special requirements in which you must create a more customized interface. In this Odoo development tutorial we examine how to create custom interface elements so that you can provide end users the most easy to use interfaces possible.

    Follow along with the tutorial on building custom Odoo Interfaces

    In this Odoo development video we show you how to follow the tutorial on Building Interface Extensions. This is a well written tutorial but of course it is much different to read the tutorial and then try to figure out everything on your own rather than watch an expert Odoo developer such as Diogo Durate walk through the tutorial step-by-step. Along the way learn important troubleshooting techniques and see real Odoo development in action.

    What do I need to know to complete this video?

    Even though this is a self contained video and there is no direct pre-requisites it is highly recommended that you have basic knowledge of Odoo development and some experience in understanding the Odoo Framework. Also, make sure that you completely understand the many controls and widgets that are already available within the Odoo framework. Frequently you will be able to re-purpose or modify existing widgets rather than having to build your own from scratch. Either way, this video will help you understand the process.