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Using the Odoo Product Configurator Module
Installing product configurator from github
Creating the first template product
Configuring restrictions
Creating product from Sales Order
Creating product from the webshop
Linking the product to MRP BoM's

Using the Odoo Product Configurator Module

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Learn how to use the Odoo Product Configurator module to create advanced Odoo Product Configurations. Far more powerful than product variants, the Odoo Product Configurator will allow you to create complex product configurations.

Video Length:   24 Minutes
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Why would I need to implement a product configurator

Odoo's built-in product manager does a great job on simple products with few options or variants. However when attempting to sell more complex products through Odoo's eCommerce application you will often find a product configurator will provide a far better user experience.

What are some examples of using a product configurator

We are entering a time where many products can benefit from a product configurator. For example, a line of headphones could come in different colors, different connection options (bluetooth vs usb), different cable lengths and so on. Rather than having many different products for each variant, allowing the customer to pick the options the required can be preferred in many instances.

How do I properly setup the Odoo Product Configurator 

In this video lecture Diogo uses a real world example for setting up the configurator to handle car purchases. Cars have many options and variants and having a web interface that allows you to easily select and choose those options is critical for a smooth web experience for the customer.