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Learn to Create Kits and Product Bundles in Odoo 9
Introduction: Learn to create kits and product bundles in Odoo
Creating our first product bundle example - A first aid kit with multiple products
Setup a Bill of Materials (BOM) to specify the products for our kit
Creating products that are only included or valid in a kit during a limited date range
Produce a sales order that uses a product kit to pull multiple products from inventory
Operations from a warehouse manager perspective and inventory dashboard
Configuring products as stockable vs consumable for inventory management
Handling partial delivery orders and back ordered products

Learn to Create Kits and Product Bundles in Odoo 9

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Often times businesses must create product bundles, or kits of products, that they will sell under one item. In this video we explain how to create kits in Odoo using the example of a first aid kit that contains a variety of different products. Using both MRP and the Sales Management application this video will teach you the basics of setting up your own product bundling or kit of products in Odoo.

Video Length:   33 Minutes
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Using Odoo Sales Management and MRP to create kits in Odoo

Like many ERP systems Odoo provides the ability to create kits or product bundles. Also like most ERP systems, Odoo utilizes the Bill of Material structure often known as BOM's to store the list of products and the required quantities. In this video we show you how to create the product kits with their associated products and some examples on how that effects delivery orders and inventory.

What are some reasons I would want to use kits in Odoo?

For our example in the video we use a simple first aid kit as an example. While the customer purchases perhaps one first aid kit, the kit itself has band aids, alcohol wipes, the box to hold the contents of the kit, perhaps a first aid guide, and more. Another example would be a Holiday basket. The customer would buy the basket, but Odoo would be configured to kit the basket with perhaps a bottle of wine, a fruit cake, crackers, some cheese spread, and perhaps a gift card.

Going a little beyond simple kits for promotion and changes

While this video primarily focuses on the basics of using kits in Odoo we do get into features that allow you to include items that perhaps are only available during a specific date range. This works not only for promotions but also when you need to rotate out a product with another brand or another product on a specific date. Allowing you to stage your inventory and better manage the content of your product bundles and kits in Odoo.

Learn how to use Odoo Sales Management and MRP to create product kits 

Odoo uses BOM structures to store your kits. Use the BoM Type to specify the Bill of Materials as a kit.

In this screenshot you can also see how we have some items that are only valid during certain periods. In the last two records we use this feature to start replacing one product with another beginning on a specific date.

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